We are one despite our political affiliations differences. We have to use every means to educate our fellow Tanzanians. We cannot separate for any reason, our nationality link us as one. Several months I came up with an idea of ​​inviting the Guest Columnist to contribute to this blog and today the idea start with my brother and friend Beatus Kisusi contributing a few about the required negotiation between the Government of Tanzania and Barrick. I believe his message is a long notice that will enable our leaders to think about the elaborated key strategies in our ”makinikia saga”. Young folks you need to understand that, we all can disagree without been disrespectful or violence towards each other. Guys let join him to know his thoughts.

As marketing, economics and insurance consultant, as well as passionate politician negotiations is part and parcel of my professional life. Below are my experience inputs in mastering the art of negotiations as the country is heading to the toughest one since independence. I decided to call it the toughest ever because as a nation we all know any positive outcome over this matter will be our economic game changer. Herewith are some of the key basic factors for a successful negotiation meeting:-

  1. Preparation
    A well prepared team of corporate business/economist and legal consultants with enough know how as well as proven track records per each individual into international negotiations. Strong team always attracts good results.
  2. You must know what exactly you want before entering into a discussion. Being uncertain over what you really want makes you a goalless negotiator. Negotiators with factual, persuasive and emotional techniques always have an upper hand on the table to attain their determined goal.
  3. Right people for the job.

Well detailed informed, skillful, sharp brains individuals with the ability to turn the table into their favor at anytime during negotiation process are real needed. The war strategy “ART OF MANEUVER” as described by Sun Tzu in his book The Arts of War is very applicable. Remember negotiation is all about sharpness of the brains between two opposite parties.

  1. The key rule of any negotiations is give and take…..in our circumstances balancing is very essential without compromising the main goal on hand. A team should lie down different options before as guidance during negotiating.
  2. Know exactly what kind of people you are dealing with. In war knowing your enemy very well is a half win battle.
  3. Mastering the language to be used.

Fluent enough into the agreed language to be used during negotiations is very important. Many European countries always exploit fully the disadvantage of our poor English skills and beat us by experience. Our negotiators must be very good in communication skills. Refer the battle between a snake and an eagle, the eagle always forces the snake to change the battle group from land to air beat him by experience. In our case language and exposure always destroy us on the table.

  1. Confidence
    This will is good and real required but it should not undermine the opposite side.
  2. Reasonable stand

        Don’t be too rigid to avoid a collapse of the entire negotiations.

  1. Listening
    Listing to each other tentatively will make the entire process much easier.
  2. Team work.

I stand to be corrected forks.
Beatus Kisusi

Dear Readers.

I have always said it that our problem in this country is not politics, religious or tribe; it is our leaders who to blame as they have been deceived themselves.

Leadership has been proven to be the bane of our national development and over the years we are still scrambling and browsing for credible servant-leader, honest and a man and woman with integrity that can be there to push through and lead us into the Tanzania of our dreams. Few civilians upon have tested the stage but for 55 years now the story is still the same. If Tanzania can get a visionary, purpose-driven leader and a man/woman with leadership capacity to tackle our various problem I think our story will change.

Leadership everywhere in the world provides direction and gives people a sense of direction but unfortunately reverse is the case in Tanzania. Until we get the right people into the right place of leadership in Tanzania we will never leave this pitiable and despicable state we found ourselves as a country. Tanzania need leadership with intentional thinking and intelligent actions, by so doing this will cause a shift in our paradigm. Tanzania deserves better leadership than the looters we have now.

Secondly the other problem of our country is we people. We have failed in asking serious questions from those we have elected to serve us. We have used politics as an excuse for failure. We have turned corruption into a culture such that you might be disowned by your immediate family and your community if you hold a political office and you are not corruption. In fact people will hail you for stealing billions from the government coffers and even shame you when you don’t steal enough. As if that is not enough, they will pack themselves and go as far as “Kimanga” to hail on your behalf if you are unfortunately or fortunately caught. As you will be hearing slogans like “this is witch hunting”, “He is our son”, “is he the first person to steal?”, “is he the only one that stole?” And so on and so forth.

Until we wake up in this country to face our real enemies who are our political leaders (especially CCM leaders) and stop the escapist’s tactics of playing petty politics, we might not get it right in this country.

In a nutshell, patriotism simply means loyalty to your country as a whole, not your president as an individual. The president of your country deserve your support ONLY to an extent to which he is doing only the things that are in the best interest of your country. The moment he starts working against the interest of your country, you owe it to yourself, your country and your fellow citizens as both moral and legal duty to withdraw every form of support for such a president and start treating him as the number one enemy of your country because that is exactly what he has become.

Placing the interest of your president over and above that of your country is anything but patriotism. Your country is bigger than your President who is nothing but your employee elected to serve you for a fixed period of time after which he will vacate the office. Supporting your president and urging him on even when it is beyond argument that he is progressing in error IS NOT patriotism. It is nothing short of mindless sycophancy.

Choosing your president over your country and supporting him in RUINING your country is tantamount to treason. It becomes worse when your much touted love for this president was borne out of illicit gains your association with him is gifting you with. It’s even worst when you, a private citizen, collect monthly pay from the government or its representatives through the backdoor just so you would churn out satanic lies and demonic propaganda in support of the government, thereby riding roughshod over the pains, wars and woes of your fellow citizens inflicted upon them by the same government.

No sane citizen of a free nation should ever confuse blind loyalty to his president or any other government official, elected or appointed, as patriotism. Blind loyalty is no loyalty. It is as criminally deceitful as the peace of the grave yard which is no peace at all.

If a conflict arises between the personal interest of your president and that of your country, there can be no argument that every citizen with even the tiniest strand of grey matter upstair should consider the interest of his country paramount and even sacrifice the President if need be, in order to save his country. This, right here, is the right and sensible thing to do because while you can easily replace your President, you cannot replace your country.

A man who spend most of his time looking for errors in the way and manner his government pilots the affairs of his country IS NOT an enemy of his country. He is the most patriotic of them all, his intention notwithstanding, because in a government presided over by men whose brains were not located in their poo-poo hole, the fault-finding mission of such a man will almost always keep the government on its toes, thereby bringing out the very best in them to the benefit of the entire country.

When a man spend most of his time supporting EVERY action of his government and doing hashtag of supporting president every now and then including when this president of his is clearly hurting the entire country, such a man is a certified enemy of his country and the people there-in. He is no patriot. Matter of fact, mentioning the term “Patriot” and the name of this blind supporter of the president in the same sentence amounts to subjecting patriotism to mockery.

As a citizen, you don’t need to stand with your president or any of your elected representatives. The only time it is okay to stand, sit, jump, run, crawl, walk or even fly with your President, Member of Parliaments or any other representatives is when they are contesting election because then, they are candidates soliciting for votes from you. But the moment they get elected to serve you, they stop being your candidate and start being your employees who should be closely monitored and held to their campaign promises.

Your government is the people you employ to use the instrumentalities of state and your resources (not theirs) to protect your lives and properties and provide basic services for you. Your president is as much your employee as your personal driver, cooker, gardener etc.

By casting your vote for your president, you have already gifted him with enormous power to make or mar your collective destiny as a people. He has the entire armed forces at his beck and call. He is comfortable beyond words. The notion that an employee who has been so empowered still need you, his employer who live a life very distanced from the comfort he enjoys, to stand with him before he could do the same job for which he is receiving outrageous salaries and allowances, is a very silly notion. Idiotic, even! You certainly don’t need a certain Abdul to break this down for you, do you?

No president, no matter how powerful, should be considered greater or more important than a whole country.

Nothing kills a government faster than surrounding itself with a very large horde of unthinking political idiots and ‘arseholeric’ leeches far drunk in the highly poisonous wine of bottom-less sycophancy laced with blind partisanship.

There is no task more tedious than rescuing a country where the number of sycophants far outweighs the number of patriots.

Regardless of your political affiliation, as long as you are a Tanzanian or you have any stake in this country, you owe it to both men and God to rise up and contribute your quota towards rescuing this country from the firm grip of these dark hearted men who have hijacked it and are currently playing Russian Roulette with the destiny of nearly 50 million of us using the name of JPM who it has been proven beyond doubt, he his performing in errors.

To Restructure or break up, you must retrieve your country from conscienceless usurpers first, even if that country of yours has always been a fraud.

‘Winter’ is almost upon us. If we keep cowering in fear of these unlucky political leaders, we might just wake up someday and discover that we no longer have a country to restructure or dissolve.

Time to act is now!

Enough is Enough

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I think the Tanzanian electorate has been patient enough. For two years now all they are hearing from the government is that….we are aware of your suffering and the hardship you are facing. The issue is cant there be succor even for once at least to assure the electorate that the leadership is concerned? I am tired of hearing new negative and detrimental policies on the lives of Tanzanians in the name of putting the economy on sustainable growth and development. Why should prices farming essential continue to rise in a country that is trying to boost food production? Why should the cost of communication/internet or air time be increased in a country where aggressive research is needed to bring out home grown solution to the country’s economic problems?

This and many other issues are forcing me to believe that some people somewhere are misdirecting the President to go against the country and its people. I hasten to add that the President should try to reflect back and see the sacrifices made by Tanzanians because of their love for him and in anticipation of something positive coming out of it but still to no avail. I call on the President to as a matter of urgency and in his own interest desist from further subjecting the people into hardship otherwise he risk losing his good reputation and integrity. Tanzanians are tired and if they cannot get some relief, they may most certainly not be able to take further hardship. Enough is Enough.

Our current politics is small, ethno-divisive and rejects intellectual acuity. Both the smallness and the polarity of our politics bother me at times. I’m pro-participation. If not all Tanzanians, I expect the size of participants to increase and be inclusive. But most importantly I expect the patrio-intellectual content to improve. That being said, I wish Tanzania would come to acknowledge the fact that political participation doesn’t starts and ends with election alone, rather it has it origin(root), branches, tributaries, laws, constitution, institutions, and terminal in ideology. It is unfortunate that our current political elites are known for nothing, not even the weakest and idiotic ideology.

It is my childish view that a stupid ideologue is better than a non-ideologue, for in the world of politics such idiot can win election and advance idiocy why the non-ideologue does nothing to stop the idiotic ideologue, simply because the non-ideologue believes and acts on nothing.

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Numerically, the man or woman who represents a group is merely one out of many. Administratively, the representative weighs more than many of the conventional members of the group combined. He or she is the ‘Primus Inter Pares’ (PIP) of the group – the first among equals. The representative is the face, image, and voice of the group that the world sees, beholds, and hears. Correspondingly, the demeanor of the representative is the mental picture of the group that the world has. By default, the character of the representative is the yardstick that the world uses for measuring the moral fiber of that group. Speaking about a group and its representative, the people of Mtama must be singing the blues lately, for having a representative who doesn’t represent their personal he represent too the voice of media at large. A seed must die to live.

Blues is a melancholic music – a tune of despondency.


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My fellows Tanzanian what is going on now in Tanzania is the story that touches the heart, we voted for this people to protect our image, to bring unity and progress to our beloved father Land Tanzania but they lay us down in the hands of other side, we want to assure them that he who does the antorms weight of good will see it and who does the antorms weight of evils will certainly see it, do you people think that God will support you all the time for your wrong doing? What did you people achieve in breaking the heart of our people? as long as we are alive we will continue praying to Tanzania and everything shall be well with us by the grace of God our children and our great grand children will enjoy the fruits of our labour they will be called the great champions and copyright of our time, the great pilot on this invasion prays that there is no victory without a sacrifice.

Today we have witnessed yet another tragic decision in our nation with our leader ousted for defending the media and offend his boss. This is so sad. There is so much hatred in this country, so many tears, so much evil, so much sadness and so many tragedies. So many shattered dreams, broken hearts and wounded souls, so much injustice and insensitivity, so much greed and want.

Welcome to Tanzania the Demonic Republic of Sadism, failure, inequity, injustice, wickedness and shattered dreams. A country where common decency, kindness and human compassion has no place.

A country where ignorance and mediocrity is exalted and in which excellence and knowledge is scorned. A nation in which truth has no place and in which those that tell it are hated and treated with contempt. I weep for my country. May God deliver her from the relentless demons that plague her.

Long live Tanzania