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My dear readers,

The world is a multi-floor dwelling place, where someone’s floor is the roof over somebody’s head. For the sake of peace, civility, and the good old ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you,’ avoid floor-stomping when you occupy a higher floor. Being a rotating and revolving earth, time and tide sometimes move some people from upper to lower floors and others from lower to upper floors. Even empires and civilizations have risen and fallen, because no man, nation, or culture could halt the march of time. Occasionally, those who breach the bridge after crossing to the other side of life, have no means of retreating if adversities strike at their end. We could all co-exist peaceably with bits of open-mindedness.

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On our adventure to nationhood, the history of our nation cannot forget people like Mwl. Nyerere, Oscar Kambona, Bibi Titi Mohammed and host of others who risked and put their lives on the line to secure independence for this nation from the hands of the colonial master. The Independence came as earlier as projected by the independence agitators and the founding fathers. None of them ever envisaged that the nation that they fought, suffered, imprisoned and died for with all their investment will turn out to be what it is today. Tanzania of today is not the dream of our founding fathers.

The journey to nationhood was exciting and adventurous, but the irony of our nation is like the biblical King Solomon who was the wisest in his day, who kept so much for the future generation of his children but never occurred to him that the subsequent generation will squander all he laboured for. Today our nation is free from external colonialism and now found itself in the hand of internal colonial masters.

To the surprise of everyone, our nation has taken fifty six (56) steps forward and hundred (100) steps backward in this adventure to nationhood. As I personally scramble through the continents of the world, it shocked and beat my imagination that nations that started their journey to nationhood after our beloved nation Tanzania have gone ahead of us, their journey from under-developed nations to developing and finally developed nation or what we can categorize as the first world nation. Nations like Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Indian are classified as first world nations today and as at the time of Tanzania independence they are in the same group of third world nation like us, what is actually the problem of our nation? What went wrong?

Immediately after the independence, there was a spectrum of joy and high aspiration from the leaders and the citizen that our nation will rise and rise, shine brighter until it become the pride of other nations. Unfortunately it was the opposite we found out to be the result, leadership failure, lack of capacity and their selfishness, unpatriotic attitude on the part of the citizen led our nation to this pitiable state today. Our political system, health sector, educational system, aviation, roads, housing, Agriculture and every facet of our national life is in shamble today.

Politicians failed to live up to the expectation messed up this country; When the opposition intervened in the governance thinking things will work better not knowing that their intervention was one of the greatest disaster that can happen to any nation. What else can we talk about this regime, who has this regular trade mark of destruction of life and property, leaving sorrow and tears?

Another facet of our national life thinking that the rhythm will change not knowing that we only moving from hot water into fry pan. They are marred with high level of corruption, nepotism, injustices, destruction of life and properties and what have you.

Listen to one of the argument of the first Prime Minister Mwl. Nyerere in 1960 “I am confident that when we have our own citizenship, our national anthem, our own national flag, we shall find the flame of national unity burning bright and strong”. The first question I asked was that what went wrong, where was the commitment to follow exactly what he said?

One of the greatest tragedies of our nation is that we spend enormous national and personal resources focusing largely on insignificant and unbeneficial objectives; it is like using a baseball bat to kill an ant. That baseball bat could do far more than just killing one ant, it could hit a homerun.

At this critical and defining moment of our country, when we are celebrating 56th year of our journey to nationhood and independence from our slave and colonial master, there is joy in me and also I am sad, why? Because of where we are coming from, where we pathetically are now the hope for the future that is not naturally bright. Unfortunately, Tanzania at 56 was taken captive by conspiracy of deception, oppression, corruption, bad leadership and injustice. We need liberation, freedom and independence of thought, action and reasons.

On the political plane, it is the elites; the leaders who should be the custodian of the nationhood had polluted the polity. It is a sorry case that we as a nation who was the envy of the world 50+ years ago are at this mess today. Where Tanzania was in the past and where we unfortunately are now is a serious mess, the way we are going now is not the way the founding fathers designed our future. Life of an average man is going down the drain everyday

A lot of questions are fighting for expression inside of me, are we really or truly free, has anything changed over the past 56 years of independence? Tanzania is yet to create his own variant of democracy informed by our own norms, culture, systems of belief, values etc. It is not my joy to start exposing the problems of Tanzania and expose the inadequacy of the past and present leaders, frankly all the leaders Tanzania produced in the last 56 years had done a great avouch to this nation with the exception of few. But I believe in solving a problem, we must agree on the causes of our problems. More often than not, the problem of Tanzania development process is usually reduced to that of leadership.

There is high level of poverty in this country, lack of the basic facilities of life, poverty of independent thought and actions, poverty of vision and direction among our leaders, we appear not to know who we are, what we are worth and where we wish to go from here. The literacy statistics shows that we have high level of illiterates now than we had in 1960 because the Tanzanian government had done a great disservice to this country by progressively uneducated Tanzanian children. Our nation is oscillating between the good and even the ugly. It is a totally tragedy of any nation who think he has a future. Today the minimum wage in Tanzania is nothing to write about, the questions I keep on asking people is still the same, show me any one who can successfully live with this minimum wage without stealing, begging for more or borrowing at the expense of his own future economy?

The frequent political changes have brought inconsistency to our education policies. Some regime administration had done evil to education by allowing perpetual closure of our curriculum and voting a very small percentage of the national annual budget to education. Our academic certificate does not attract any value in the international community. There is an urgent need for a stable education policy, a responsible generation like ours must make sacrifice for their future.

Tanzania at 56, what are we celebrating, erratic power supply from TANESCO, because of erratic and inadequate power supply many companies that have sprung up in the last years had folded up again. Last government campaigned for poverty alleviation but all through the current administration more hardship is inflicted on the society by arbitrary increase. What else can we talk about abuse of political demonstration by all government till now, disobedience to rule of law and court order, bitterness, maiming and hatred shown by government to all his political opponents, to be frank can nation survive with all these?

Concerning all the past administrations my prayer is that God will not let us have people like them anymore because any abnormalities we notice today was engineered through them. They had done evil and great avouch to this nation than good you can talk of, they are all epitome of lawlessness and backwardness. Many things are wrong in our political terrain that does not warrant any celebration but yet we have to thank God for the journey so far, God has been kind gracious to us as a nation. God has endowed Tanzania with reasonable fertile, cultivable soil and natural resources that make us the envy of other nations.

In 56 year of existence what can we do to improve our lot as individual and as a nation? We need a very strong national philosophy (Philosophy that will guide every citizen like America, all of them are guided, propelled by their national philosophy), national orientation (This is very important because Tanzanians have been conditioned to certain lifestyle like corruption, nepotism, cheating, etc that needs change) and direction.

We all need discipline, probity, integrity, hard work, accountability and righteousness to build a new nation. Hard work does not kill; it is laziness that kills the mind and the body. Hard work is the essential to the building of a solid foundation for self, family and country. Hard work is a cure for fraud, cheating, examination leakages, certificate rackets, secret cults and failure in life. Discipline encompasses modesty, thoughtfulness, community living, punctuality, duty, leadership and followership, obedience, cooperation and discussion. We all need a self control.

Let us all be honest in accounting for actions and activities. Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. Where are you? And what are you doing? If you say because others do it you will follow others to do evil? You are a jellyfish then. Avoid immoral shortcuts to achieve goals. Avoid cheating in class, in home, in election and examinations. Then you will grow up to be a trusted, trust-worthy and reliable individual at home, at work, school and within the community. You will grow up to be respected person.

Money cannot buy everything. Resist the urge to join people in praising corrupt people and more importantly resist the temptation of following them. If all of us can start doing all this little thing there will be change in our society and it is this change people from the society that will later emerge has our leaders in all sphere of government. It is not too late for Tanzania to reverse the ill of the past.

Tanzania 56 years adventure into nationhood has been witnessed with a lot of ups and down, good and tragic occurrences. The aspiration of our founding fathers has been left unattended to and the labour of our heroes past was allowed to waste away. Tanzania, the irony of a young lady raped by a gang of hoodlums and she does not enjoy the sexual desire of the gang. A nation blessed by God and endowed with all the good things of life, the bright hope of many Africa nations but today the state of our nation is a sorry and pitiable state. Tanzania, my fatherland is seriously raped by vagabond in power that see Tanzania as their conquered territory, what can we do to this peaceful people who is helplessly in pain now and bleeding? The survival of this wombling peace is in the hand of its citizens who stand to face oppression face to face and challenge the vagabond in power to stop this exploitation. The survival of Tanzania can only come when all its citizens are ready to pay the price of freedom and liberty. Time does not change any nation it is decision that change nations.

Time will not change this nation, time will only expose our weakness and failure, therefore we need to rise up and do something critical strategic today before it is too later. To avoid this imminent disaster coming we must all rise and call for change. We must all come out persuade good and credible individuals to contest in our elections. We (people) must come out to vote, protect our vote and ensure our vote count so as have a new dawn in Tanzania. The survival and destiny of this our nation lies in the hands of every one of us and we must fall in our responsibility.

All Tanzanians are expected to be a activist in our own way, pursuing actions to a logical conclusion towards; good governance, exposing what is wrong, industrial commitments, crying against instances of injustice, teaching/ educating the people to be self-sufficient, re-orientate the mind positively, working behind the scenes to promote enhanced political leadership, promoting Political/Human Rights activism and using the media to propagate meaning leadership.

JPM Supporters: I have words for you

Dear readers, in a nutshell, patriotism simply means loyalty to your country as a whole, not your president as an individual, president of your country deserve your support ONLY to an extent to which he is doing only the things that are in the best interest of your country. The moment he starts working against the interest of your country, you owe it to yourself, your country and your fellow citizens as both moral and legal duty to withdraw every form of support for such a president and start treating him as the number one enemy of your country because that is exactly what he has become.

Placing the interest of your president over and above that of your country is anything but patriotism. Your country is bigger than your President who is nothing but your employee elected to serve you for a fixed period of time after which he will vacate the office. Supporting your president and urging him on even when it is beyond argument that he is progressing in error IS NOT patriotism. It is nothing short of mindless sycophancy.

Choosing your president over your country and supporting him in RUINING your country is tantamount to treason. It becomes worse when your much touted love for this president was borne out of illicit gains your association with him is gifting you with. It’s even worst when you, a private citizen, collect payment from the government or its representatives through the backdoor just so you would churn out satanic lies and demonic propaganda in support of the government, thereby riding roughshod over the pains, wars and woes of your fellow citizens inflicted upon them by the same government.

No sane citizen of a free nation should ever confuse blind loyalty to his president or any other government official, elected or appointed, as patriotism. Blind loyalty is no loyalty. It is as criminally deceitful as the peace of the grave yard which is no peace at all.

If a conflict arises between the personal interest of your president and that of your country, there can be no argument that every citizen with even the tiniest strand of grey matter upstairs should consider the interest of his country paramount and even sacrifice the President if need be, in order to save his country. This, right here, is the right and sensible thing to do because while you can easily replace your President, you cannot replace your country.

A man who spend most of his time looking for errors in the way and manner his government pilots the affairs of his country IS NOT an enemy of his country. He is the most patriotic of them all, his intention notwithstanding, because in a government presided over by men whose brains were not located in their poo-poo hole, the fault-finding mission of such a man will almost always keep the government on its toes, thereby bringing out the very best in them to the benefit of the entire country.

When a man spend most of his time supporting EVERY action of his government and doing hashtag of supporting president every now and then including when this president of his is clearly hurting the entire country, such a man/woman is a certified enemy of his/her country and the people there-in. He/she is no patriot. Matter of fact, mentioning the term “Patriot” and the name of this blind supporter of the president in the same sentence amounts to subjecting patriotism to mockery.

As a citizen, you don’t need to stand with your president or any of your elected representatives. The only time it is okay to stand, sit, jump, run, crawl, walk or even fly with your President, Member of Parliaments or any other representatives is when they are contesting election because then, they are candidates soliciting for votes from you. But the moment they get elected to serve you, they stop being your candidate and start being your employees who should be closely monitored and held to their campaign promises.

Your government is the people you employ to use the instrumentalities of state and your resources (not theirs) to protect your lives and properties and provide basic services for you. Your president is as much your employee as your personal driver, cooker, gardener, etc.

By casting your vote for your president, you have already gifted him with enormous power to make or mar your collective destiny as a people. He has the entire armed forces at his beck and call. He is comfortable beyond words. The notion that an employee who has been so empowered still needs you, his employer who live a life very distanced from the comfort he enjoys, to stand with him before he could do the same job for which he is receiving outrageous salaries and allowances, is a very silly notion. Idiotic, even! You certainly don’t need a certain Abdul to break this down for you, do you?

No president, no matter how powerful, should be considered greater or more important than a whole country.

Nothing kills a government faster than surrounding itself with a very large horde of unthinking political idiots and ‘arseholeric’ leeches far drunk in the highly poisonous wine of bottom-less sycophancy laced with blind partisanship.

There is no task more tedious than rescuing a country where the number of sycophants far outweighs the number of patriots.

Regardless of your political affiliation, as long as you are a Tanzanian or you have any stake in this country, you owe it to both men and God to rise up and contribute your quota towards rescuing this country from the firm grip of these dark hearted men who have hijacked it and are currently playing Russian Roulette with the destiny of 50+ million of us using the name of JPM who it has been proven beyond doubt, he his performing in errors.

Tanzanians need change right from the highest to the lowest, the richest down the poorest, the wisest through the foolish ones, and the able and the disables. The change is yet to come.


My dear readers, I would never dare to bias you with my writings! I am being totally straight when asking government to lead us in our matters concerning our future. Nothing will change without the promptings of civil society. Those politicians differing of parties are only interested in getting as much of the national cake for themselves; they have no interest in alleviating our plight and poverty.


What was the vision of our founding father on our resources after independence? How far have their vision been implemented by the government from our independence until today on celebrating 56 years?

In the 21st Century we are politically in the middle of the 16th Century, there is no equality of political fights. We have a political party’s law, which the President has delighted to sing for in banning multilateral meetings. If he believes he runs things in the law, justice and order, why fears the opponents? Our 56-year independence celebration is still logical if we are still in contact with the representatives.Who to blame for corruption?The Founding Father hated corruption and claimed it as an enemy of our development, is it true when we say we fight corruption in this fifth phase government with a great effort to express the commitment, we cannot believe in their words if President’s assistants appear in the Arusha councilors scandal and opposition politicians/leaders but the President seems to enjoy the registration of opposition politicians/leaders? It is few Tanzanians who can have faith on anti-corruption campaigns by the rulers.I agree with assertion that it has been difficult to win corruption war because Tanzanians tend to reward corrupt practice. In our clime, corruption becomes the order of the day because government of Tanzania encourages it, support it, champion it, promote it and reward it. Most of the men and women caught in a big mess of corruption in Tanzania are government officials, high profile politician, aides and associates of Mr. President and to our surprise the same Government gave most of them national honour and nothing happens to these men, instead of Government prosecuting and convict them Mr. President cannot explain it away. Corruption cannot expose corruption and a corrupt president and government can’t fight corruption. No wonder corruption is the order of the day in Tanzania and now graduated to high degree of impunity. Government is to be blamed for corruption in Tanzania for not addressing it, tackle it and prosecute it when it should be, anti corruption war without casualty is nothing but exercise in futility, when leadership give direction and show the way to go, naturally the followers will line up, we are still battling with corruption because Government did nothing to stop and reduce it with corruption and corrupt men waxing strong everyday in Tanzania. There is no better time in the history of our nation to cause change to happen and recreate the fortune and future of our country than now.

Long live all true patriots of this great country of ours. May God and Allah through his bountiful mercies bless us all.

Happy Peaceful National Independence Day.

Abdul Noor


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This is NOT another memo to scurry over. Any entity that repeats the same mistakes for years is NOT thoughtful.

The culture that refuses to advance beyond carrying its load on its HEAD, when its contemporaries are carrying theirs with WHEELBARROWS, and some are even carrying their own with CARS, has no one to blame for its backaches than itself. The culture whose rulers fail to evolve beyond the plundering of public funds, at an era some cultures are colonizing far-flung heavenly bodies and adorning the intergalactic expanses with their belief, has no culture to blame than its own.

No individuals are more foolish in this century, than those who sustain corrupt officials because of regional, religious, and political affinities. No persons are more unwise in this epoch, than the citizens who object to the apprehension, adjudication, and incarceration of politicians, because they are related to the scoundrels.

TO THE ORDINARY TANZANIAN, I say that posterity won’t forgive you, for backing a corrupt official, because of the bribe you receive for mortgaging your children’s future. The bribe you receive could fill your stomach today, but you are inadvertently agreeing that your children would become slaves to the corrupt official’s children tomorrow. TO THE CORRUPT TANZANIAN, I say that your NEMESES are at an arm’s length. You are contented now, but the army of badly-educated, unemployable, and treacherous armed robbers created by your corrupt approach are waiting for your learned, urbane, and educated children to return home. A people, they say, beget the leaders they choose; irrational followership begets corrupt leadership. It is time to elevate Tanzania and relegate the nation wreckers.

There are always two sides to a divide. It’s either you’re THE BEST or THE WORST. Whichever you’re stand firm on it. Tanzania can be better.

God bless Tanzania

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There are plenty of Tanzanians that I admire. I had cause to write copiously on them, especially Hon. Zitto Kabwe, Hon. Freeman Mbowe, Hon. Mzee Maalim Seif and mostly President of the Tanganyika Law Society, MP for Singida East, Opposition Chief Whip in Parliament and CHADEMA’s legal counsel who is lying in a hospital bed in the neighboring country fighting for his life, who has been shot to be silenced. Tundu Lissu is a name that requires no introduction. It is well-known not only in legal circles in Tanzania and the world over but also in the consciousness of pro-democracy activists within and outside Tanzania.Hon. Lissu says things as they are and in the most honest and brutal manner and doesn’t care if it is going to create political tsunami in the system or in the process if he would lose his seat or by any means. All he wants is good governance, devoid of corruption and other vices that have brought the country to this sorry state. The truth is bitter. Lissu always says it plain and in black and white no matter whose ox is gored. With his vintage position, Lissu knows what most of us don’t and most of them have one corruption clause or the other. We need courageous men, who will speak for the people. God will surely expose all evil works.Hon. Lissu has earned the respect of honest Tanzanians who think more of the country than themselves. Some of the Tanzanian National Assembly legislators are the worst breed of Tanzanian National legislators ever produced. Apart from some of them being past crooks in other spheres of our national, others are on the wanted list. Some are in the black books of the PCCB. So not just Hon. Lissu or Hon. Zitto but many of us share the same view about the government and the National Assembly. They lack morality, decency and decorum of any sort. The year 2020 will re-define our relationship with many of them. They will be booted out and sent back to where they came from.


As a result of your activism, you were arrested, detained, and charged to court several times by government officials. Many Tanzanians call you ‘the people’s choice’. You are now popularly known as “patriotic” because of your passionate interest in national, legal and political affairs.

I know, anytime the historian is about to write the history of the world that concern human right, human development and welfare of the poor and less privilege your name will appear bolder. Hon. Lissu, you are great even at the face of death you still remain a force to be reckoned with. You have not fulfilled you promises to God and your electorate; many miles covered yes but Tanzania still need you. The path you trod in life is deniable. You are seen as a courageous, a patriot, democrat and a dogged fighter.

Your impact remains indelible and many generations yet unborn will still echo your great deeds in their time and days. Lissu you will never die, of a truth lives on in our heart and in the presence of God, you will never die because what we call death is not death but a transition from natural to eternity, from sorrows and pains to joy and glory.

Is like I should stop writing about our own, our father, mentor, model and ally in the struggle for actualization of a new Tanzania. Since you have paid the supreme price for our hope and aspiration it is a must for us to get to the other side of this country. Tanzanians we shall overcome.

In the legal profession, you stand out in your democratic struggle, especially against rule of law, you have no rival and for quest for justice for the downtrodden citizen it cost you money, pains and detention in the most bizarre conditions.

Hon. Lissu as it is widely confirmed as the voice of the voiceless, the defender of the defendless, a legend, the champion of the poor masses, widow and widower, a rare gem, God’s gift to live and fight for humanity, a nationalist, truly the conscience of the Nation, a formidable and reliable leader, principled and patriotic politician, an activist per excellence, the soul of our democracy, an embodiment of principle and a symbol of conviction, you represent our hopes, dreams and future. Your integrity and selfless sacrifice personified. You are a light for the nation in darkness, a colossus, a tower and propeller of our dreams. You are not just a mortal. You are a spirit of change and you lives on. A hallow had been created in the country that would required centuries to be filled, stressing that the likes of legal icon we are hard to find in any society. One of an activist who fight for our nation and the entrenchment of the rule of law. You fight for the masses. You mean well for Tanzania but the wicked people brutalized you health eventually nearly to death. My dear Hon. Lissu, you are a victim of dictatorship, oppression and unrighteousness.

Your shot will and has created a vacuum in the annals of legal practice because you promote the rule of law and dependable democracy through your critical and objective criticism. You always bring all national issues into open and advocate for Tanzanian society.

Lissu, a man who spend the better part of your life inspiring ordinary Tanzanians to fight for their rights with courage and you are committed to the values of a good society where there is justice, equity and fairness, you are very consistent in your philosophy of our Tanzanian society. You are the Mwalimu Nyerere, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. of our era.

Your shot is not a surprise to God almighty but it is a great shock to us because we still need you now that we the youth of this nation is about to take the bull by the horn and fight all this tyrant leaders we have in Tanzania as you do. I am proud of you; you are my mentor and model just as I recognize Nyerere, Ghandi, Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr as my life great mentor and model.

Lissu, hear this even your enemies; those who try to terminate your life affirmed that you are the most consistent Tanzanians that ever have, an authentic friend of the press, you are the refuge to which media practitioner ran to in times of troubles, a man who spend his time, knowledge, material resources to defend the freedom of the press and speech among other fundamental human rights, an authentic promoter of good governance, accountability and transparency, a fearlessly truth speaker to the powerful, the noblest protector of its laws, vibrancy as a lawyer and as human right activist second to none, a foremost fighter for social justice, in the community of activists and patriots, you stand out for your courage, integrity and sustain capacity to make sacrifice.

Lissu, you have no life of your own except to save other, a mentor of a lot of lawyers and live for justice, not just a lawyer but you are a judge on your own, very accessible to everybody, trust people and make friends with people, a might man of value, one man among millions who know the purpose of life and reason for existence.

Truly we don’t need to worry Hon. Lissu anymore, you have done you best but all we need to do to immortalize you to carry on the fight where you stopped, cherish, treasure and value all your ideal, ideas, vision and all that you stand for in life.

I want all leaders in Tanzania to answer this question, if today they drop the last breath in their nostril, will they be celebrated as we celebrate this legal icon, great nationalist, fighter and a democrat? People like Prof. Lipumba and HE. Dr. Magufuli should answer this question. Lissu always is behind a legacy of righteousness, uprightness, accountability transparent life, fighting for the cause of others and what have you. There is no doubt you are a great in the jungles of life.

Let me start by saying that it is for reasons not unconnected with limited vocabularies that I am compelled to refer to the present crop of seemingly bookish persons we have in Tanzania today as intellectuals. In all honesty, these guys do not really meet up with the main prerequisite for being regarded as such.

By definition, an intellectual is one with a highly developed intellect. One who engages in critical thinking and reflections about the ills of the society and comes up with practical solution on how to address those problems. Intellectuals are the brains, the think tank and conscience of their society.

Let us get one thing very clear here, going to all the high profile centre of learning in the entire universe and acquiring all the academic titles acquirable DOES NOT necessarily make one an intellectual in the real sense of the world. Ability to arrange letters of the alphabet and command the languages to do your bidding the exact way DOES NOT necessarily make you an intellectual either, except of course, we are dealing with the confused and lopsided definition of the term “intellectuals”.

The hood does not make the monk just as the wig does not make the lawyer. The monk is in us. Not everybody who had gone to school succeeded in acquiring education. Some went there purposely to acquire certificates and ability to speak some high sounding grammars which are mostly incorrect, grammatically.

To be an intellectual, you must show proof that you have a highly developed intellect. You must show this proof from your contribution towards curing some of your societal ills. The big question is, is the so called intelligentsia community here a part of our problem or the solution?

Considering the role these so called intellectuals played during the last general election and the very shameful role they have continued to play even in the face of full blown tyranny and state-sponsored crisis we are witnessing under a president they sold us, I’m reasonably convinced they are a major part of our problem in this country. The so called intellectuals are a disgrace to that very term “intellectualism”. It is my view that mentioning them and the term “intellectualism” in the same sentence amounts to subjecting the beautiful term to the worst form of ridicule.

In the run up to the 2015 general elections primaries, there were not less than 20 candidates contesting for office of the President but because these so called intellectuals also suffer from the same binary thinking syndrome like most Tanzanians, they believed their own lies that the candidates were just two. And they threw their weight behind HE Magufuli.

This is the man the so called Tanzanians intellectuals threw their weight behind during the last election and even swore that he (Magufuli) was the best man for the job.

Who is Haruna Ibrahim Lipumba?

Haruna Ibrahim Lipumba is a man who is raping democracy and showing utter disdain for his CUF party members and us all (Tanzanians) by overthrowing the democratically elected leader and seize power.

Note, all of Lipumba’s record of tyranny, leadership abuses, disdain for democracy and democratic principles and even alleged cases of power etc.

This is a man who never did anything to improve himself all through the over 2 decades he always seek power. All he did was come out to contest every five years, loose, go back home and wait for another five years to come out to contest again. This is the same man we “so called” intellectual with supposedly highly developed intellect sometimes back believed is the most qualified to pilot the affairs of millions Tanzanian people?

How can a people with this worrisome degree of sycophancy and blind partisanship still claim to be the think tank and conscience of the society? How can a people be so criminally hypocritical and inconsistent? How can a people be so full of knowledge but devoid of commonsense?

Quite frankly, I should just pause here and die laughing if this was not such a crying shame.

Hearing Prof. Lipumba’s tales of his personal wars and woes, I was left wondering whether to simply pause and die laughing or die crying. In his bid to prove to Maalim Seif that he is not a slave, he ended up writing the letter of his long years of slavery to the Bunge that he doesn’t recognize his Secretary General. How poetically ironic!

When a real man serves a master, he gets settled at the end of the agreed term. He doesn’t serve in perpetuity. When will servant Lipumba get settled by his Masters?

Indeed, slavery is more psychological than physical. It is a thing of the mind. Once a man’s mind is CAPTURED and his THOUGHT process ENSLAVED, forget it, such a man is no longer an ordinary slave. He is now the biggest asset the slave master has. To him, his chain is now a beautiful bracelet. For a piece of cake, he will remain eternally grateful to his master even when it was him who designed the recipe for the damn cake and got all it takes to bake the cake himself and feed the multitude. Waste not your valuable time engaging such a person. He’s not deserving of even your silence.

For Lipumba, the current privileged position his slave masters have gifted him with is all that matters. The generality of CUF can go to hell.

Look them in the eye and say to them, Maalim Seif is fighting for his freedom and that of his people, what are you fighting for? What alternative are you offering? No man, no matter how powerful, can make a private bargain with history.

Lipumba is an OUTRACIZED idiot and to a CORE and a FUGITIVE due to his TRAITORIAL, APOLOGETIC DISPOSITION AND BETRAYAL activities. A slave, Lipumba is engaging in image laundering not only to CUF but also to nation. No political conscious people anywhere in the world can tolerate this present Tanzania believe it or not!

One of the teachers I revered most once counseled that it won’t cost us anything to say ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ to someone in a position of authority, but that person would treasure it so much. I departed high school with that thoughtful impression. Thereafter, I considered intellectuals as part of the people in positions of authority. In reverence to what they did in the community, I said ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ to them, I knew – EVEN THOSE WHO WERE YOUNGER THAN ME! It didn’t cost me anything to say those words, but it appeared they honored appreciated my gesture.

For some reasons, my view has changed about that gesture. Now I know that all intellectuals are not the same – some are more real than the others. Hence, the clergymen and women I meet these days have to earn my admiration, by walking the talk. What changed my view about venerating them, when it didn’t cost me anything to revere them? I expected them to be the fearless voices for the voiceless Tanzanians. I anticipated the clerics to be the intrepid orators who decried those who institutionalized revulsion and exploitation. I expected them to be the forthright voice of many.

Apart from a handful of intellectuals, I have witnessed top clerics blessing the activities of those who stole from the poor. I have watched famous intellectuals gracing the immoral ceremonies of the unethical people in power. Now, I respect ONLY the authority of God, not that of man. I no longer look up to them to speak up for social justice but for providence to rain down justice. I no longer see most ‘intellectuals’ as authorities, but fellow humans, with their own fallibilities. Human authorities have failed me; the courts of man have disappointed me; now, they MUST earn my ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.

Let we people start a movement that will shake the establishment. If not Tanzania will always be moving backward. We should ask ourselves who among the present politicians is not a thief? Mention one politician that has not been involved in stealing Tanzania money. Going into politics in Tanzania is all about stealing.

I will end my article by asking those so called intellectuals, what is that one thing that convinced you guys that Magufuli was the right man to preside over the destinies of over 50 million Tanzanians in this modern age? I only ask for one ground, just one, not two, upon which you guys became convinced Magufuli was the Messiah?

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My respectful readers, I beg you to forgive me by writing the longest letter. For the past two years I have never written such long articles as this. It was written for the purpose of reaching our President or his assistants through various instruments especially in the newspapers. I sent the article to editors three weeks ago but most of them when I contacted them, they told me they are still editing, the last thing I saw it would lose real meaning and my goal. I decided to write it here on blog. I urge you to read deeply and see if what I am trying to tell Mr. President is logical.

Your comments are important after reading to improve my next articles. For advice and comments abdulnoor3@gmail.com

Dear President Magufuli,

Permit me to draw your attention to a few pertinent facts.

Mr. President when you took office as President of the United Republic of Tanzania on 5th November, 2015 a huge responsibility fell to you and with it much expectation.

Mr. President, I’m writing this short letter today for reasons some of which you may probably know already from your own personal observations and readings. But before I go further, kindly permit me to set some records straight before some conspiracy specialists step forward to ascribe other people’s opinion because the biggest threat to Tanzania today, is ignorance. It’s a pity we are in this suffocating political union called Tanzania where questions to a leader is considered disrespect.

I shall clearly expose my personal views and state where I belong or stand for any avoidance of doubt.

Hon. President, I have never enrolled as a member of any political party in this country but I admire Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) of Uganda because of its leader, Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, truly a man among the men of his time. He is fearless, decorous and a real patriotic. Subsequently, I have not heaved a canine into any political brawl anywhere. I have supported and voted for individuals, not political parties. In Tanzania, I have voted for someone in the CCM party and I have voted for another in the UKAWA parties. The easiest way to lose my patronage politically is to say hateful words because I am averse to hatred. I prefer to vote for an ‘evil’ person with a human face, than an ‘angel’ full of hatred.

Mr. President, many of your opponents have not gotten over the thrashing you gave them and would forever seek everything and anything to smear you with. It is therefore not surprising that there has been so much noise about what you’ve done or left undone. Whether they are right or wrong in their assessment, I feel it is right and proper to let you know what people are saying about you including your most ardent fans and supporters.

Mr. President, please let’s not dismiss them as mere rabble-rousers. A groundswell of public opinion can easily metamorphose into an ocean of disenchantment and cataclysmic confusion. In short, I believe your enemies are skillfully setting you up for failure in order to be able to taunt your supporters later by saying “we told you so!” In this regard it is pertinent to always bear in mind the saying “the enemy lurk outside in the backyard but your foe resides inside your house.”

What is the matter this time? Many Tanzanians are lamenting that the change you promised them is fast becoming a mirage. It is certainly not what they are seeing right now. They insist that your style and methodology appear too slow for a nation in dire straits and in need of urgent and miraculous deliverance. They are worried that the mandate of five years they gave you is being unwittingly frittered away and before you know it all the goodwill you garnered would have evaporated and vamoosed. Time, they say, waits for no man!

The economy has become worrisome. There are all manners of rumours that may make matters worse, if true, about the current status of our banks. Though the Central Bank of Tanzania has come out forcefully to dispel the dangerous rumours, I wish you to unleash your economic plan as soon as possible, so that what was once a baseless rumours does not somehow become harsh reality. We are expecting “something” that would guarantee a farewell to poverty.

Mr. President your Government should be telling the world that we are so broke that we are on our knees. The world laughs at us and treats us with derision because we have resources which should make us one of the richest in the world if we properly harness them. We must stop giving the impression that we are so impoverished when it is leadership and lack of focus that has failed us.

The other matter that continues to embarrass Tanzanians is the issue of Coast Region. The matter is made worse by the fact that we have a qualified police force which should know and have what it takes to drastically reduce if not exterminate the killings. But rather the menace has exacerbated. It has snowballed into a seemingly unquenchable conflagration. I had argued repeatedly that the police alone cannot achieve a needful result. Intelligence seems to be the key word here. Also identifying and locating some of the cells and prominent sympathizers is crucial.

The Coast Region saga has defied every effort made so far and it is time to expand the options for the sake of our fellow citizens in the heart of this conundrum. This should tell us that this issue is not a joke and that we need to keep all windows open. Sir, Tanzanians want to see government show a different approach and better compassion than what we had in the past. They are waiting to see how you will do this with minimum collateral damage. Sir, you have a herculean task ahead but it is not a mission impossible. Other nations are experiencing almost similar challenges and they are forging ahead. The first indicator to exhibit our seriousness is when we stop the business as usual syndrome and tighten the belts of government officials and politicians. If the idea is to continue along the path of profligacy then Tanzania is contagiously jinxed.

The biggest problem facing most African leaders is their inability to learn from history. I won’t bother advising you Mr. President to monitor some of your advisers. You have also similarly surrounded yourself with a legion of sycophants. None of them is prepared to tell you face to face that you are dragging this country to the precipice. Those around you are thinking more about their gains; so, they are not prepared to drag you out of your delusion.

Only you and those benefiting from your administration believe you are making progress in the war against corruption, the economy and other countless challenges facing this country. How can you say that you are making progress in the war against insecurity when the situation in the Coast Region has gone from bad to worse? The earlier you face the reality of your failure and change your strategy, the better for this nation. Mr. President, your Minister Hon. Mwigulu has shown without any doubt that he is a qualified economists and he can do nothing with protecting our lives and property.

The last months have been horrendous for residents of Kibiti, Mkuranga and Rufiji in general. Almost 30 leader’s lives have been lost to unknown persons. We have never had it so bad. It is a shame that nobody is telling you Mr. President that you are not doing well in this area. Your Minister of Home Affairs has suddenly become mute. Each time you make your unworkable statement this sycophant hails you through social media.

I am obviously not feeling the impacts of your statements. Mr. President I had spent the last two years agitating for this; those around you are not patriotic to tell you this truth. As normal in this part of the world, those around you are still saluting you. The economy of our nation is sliding and nobody around you Mr. President is prepared to tell you the truth. Several homes across the nation are struggling to survive. Many homes are sliding below poverty line. Inflation hit a 5.4 percent in June. Our currency is battered. Our GDP is sliding. Industrial capacity utilization is plummeting. Companies are throwing out thousands of people into the labour market. Just look around you and you will see thousands of jobless youth.

Mr. President, an army of jobless youth is a time bomb that may consume this country if the government fails to act appropriately. Governance is not just about making noise about anti-corruption. A good government must create an enabling environment for industrial growth and optimum capacity utilization. Promotion of commercial agriculture is also pertinent.

Mr. President nobody is telling you that all economic indices are on the negative side in Tanzania. The market capitalization of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange depreciated by billion in the third quarter of 2016 as it fell at July. Cautious trading by investors has continued to pervade the market as a lot of them continue to watch from the sidelines, awaiting a clear economic direction from you (President). It is important to note that what an average Tanzanian desire at the moment is for the ‘Change’ they voted for to be translated into a significant positive impact on the real sector and the economy in general but those around you would not allow you to read honest remarks like this one from the real sector.

The economy is now faced with a scenario where there is much pressure to move funds out of the economy than moving funds into the economy. This can be likened to a run on a system. This is a typical scenario which a confidence crisis would create. It has come to a point where they want us to lie like them about growth in economy saying we are spreading bad news when the reality of the hardship is affecting them more than us. Why are we like this? When will we know that our words are our bonds and we should attach values to them because in the end they are our worth?

Mr. President you have always quoted that you are making progress in the war against corruption and those around you are hailing. There are too selfish to tell them that they are just deceiving themselves. None of them is prepared to ask you to point to one high profile conviction you got in the last nearly two years. Anti-corruption is not just about the number of people invited by the TAKUKURU. What we have been witnessing in the last months are mainly media trials and convictions of mainly your opponents. Nobody around you is prepared to tell you that, most people around you have big questions hanging on their necks.

Aside from ministerial appointments, 80% of your political and non-political appointments are lopsided in favour of CCM Elite. You are so happy with this. You do it with so much impunity. Those around are telling you to ride on with your skewed appointments.

Mr. President, I can understand some of us are naive for lacking knowledge of Tanzania’s history and its laws. Sadly, that cannot be said of Mzee Mwinyi and others who between them have ruled this country as President and minister when many of us were youths or toddlers. So each time I see these men calling on a civilian government to “constitution amends to rule for life”, I see only naked attempts at deceiving their countrymen. In short, “#MagufuliAbaki” is an empty slogan, take it or leave it. But we can achieve better governance through other means.

For the avoidance of doubt, I support the corruption war for the betterment of this nation but guys are biting more than they can chew. If we continue with this proposed system by Mzee Ruksa, something tells me that Tanzania will be going in circles. How devolving more responsibilities can be achieved under this democracy with all constitution provision is what I don’t know. We may go around in circles seeking another ‘Magufuli’ to help solve our problems but should we continue with the same approach by the same set of leaders, it wouldn’t be long before we have another operation ‘Makinikia type’.

There is basically nothing wrong with #MagufuliAbaki if it will mean creating an environment that will free enough resources for development, engaging our people to contribute both socially, economically and intellectually. But first we must define what it is. As far as I am concerned though, the cacophony of noise is just to usher in seeking for party political gain knowing well isn’t going to be possible for any rule for life in this country. I doubt if Mzee Ruksa and others give a damn about anything other they signify “I am alive” so that people do forget they are still relevant.

Hon. President, to me it is simply not talking of good governance when you tell me about #MagufuliAbaki that is what is precisely missing. How does staying in power for life can solve our main problem? If staying in power means creation of more solutions to our keen problems, we are subject to failure. If its resource control we fail too, because we (people) never question how our government squander the resources rather it is them (Government) that is our problem.

I have always said that, this RULE FOR LIFE of a thing is another dubious way projected to make the voters of few who don’t have strong terms when it comes on thinking their future and do not understand the brain behind their agitation. We are too big to be dragged along by any person or group of persons. Our people should please differentiate the voice of God from the voice of the devil.

Mzee Mwinyi is making a fool of himself; very soon his paymasters will distance themselves from him. He and his illiterate minions will be dancing alone in the market square naked. To be “Praise Singer” is when you follow a leader who will lead you nowhere, and you are still screaming “MagufuliAbaki” brothers and sisters, it’s time to see you think!

If we don’t hold our leaders accountable now with the resources they are currently collecting will even you (Magufuli) continue be the panacea to the problem. Let the politicians change their ‘heads’ so that they can have better perception about leadership and our surrounding resources.

What we need is to change our behavior and attitude to be keepers and eradicate corruption, sentiments and uphold comment to nation building. In short, it smacks of mischief or extreme naivety for any Tanzania to think that a government runs by politicians can change Tanzania through amending one or two, but multiple items in the 1977 Constitution and get the “proposed one sided national constitution”.

How many constitutional amendments have been attempted by our National Assembly and at what cost? I believe the shouts for #MagufuliAbaki is another avenue for making money; CCM members are always looking for new ways to fleece the country.

I don’t know the Tanzania political meaning of the word #MagufuliAbaki but if we should engage in that debate; the compromise or consensus that will be reached will fall short of most people’s expectations and another cycle of clamor will begin. That’s the nature of constitutionalism.

Am also surprise about the so called “#MagufuliAbaki” from Tanzania by prominent Tanzanians those ruled Tanzania for good solid ten years and during their Era nothing by then did think of the issue of continuity, when does the need for Magufuli continuity arise? Is it yesterday, last month or last year? And what do they mean? They just want to play politics with the issue, thinking maybe it will favor them politically; they are just wasting their time.

As Tanzanian we should build Tanzania where everywhere in the country will have a sense of belonging, where all of us (Tanzanians) will carry our own destiny in our hands and will be able to develop our pace under its our set of beliefs, orientation and natural inclinations.

Rule of Law to us should mean Tanzania that recognizes that unity is a state of consciousness grown through fairness, equity and justice and not political affiliation through force of subjugation.

I wish to remind all those who think you (President Magufuli) are doing great so that you can rule this country for unspecified time that before they speak, let these words pass through two gates for them to have peace. 1. IS IT TRUE? 2. IS IT NECESSARY?

Hon. President, common sense tells us that even if we want to start debating, it’s a process that will take years. However, government makes money every day and spends money every day. Why should we overlook accountability issues of how money is generated and spent in favor of talking about new constitution writing?

Mr. President, the list of alibis has seen for your government keeps increasing. There are those who have started making alibis for the government in the failed corruption fight.

People are wondering whether we are in the right way, they are thinking of the seizure of Masamaki and his colleagues as it is a war of corruption, they have come to the point and wonder if you publicly declared that the Corruption Courts is ready but we wonder Mr. Rugemarila, Seth “Singasinga” and all who are accused of corruption cases why their cases not opened to the Corruption Court instead of these Ordinary courts?

There are those who have made alibis for the failing economy. And now, another one, for the failure of the government to deliver an item which is written in the manifesto, yet to be removed and used as a campaign subject – teen mothers (girls going back to school after birth). But it seems no one cares. Most of teen who get pregnancy are daughters of poor family and mostly they get it from rich family. Teens of the rich family and unlighted manage to go back to private schools. I never heard a stop order to private schools receiving the same. This should be addressed. As Tanzanians we must stand shoulder to shoulder and resist these hegemonist and devils with every fibre of our being.

Hon. It is even in the 2015 CCM Manifesto. It was among many reasons why someone had hope in you. So, if you fail to implement a program you promised, only an alibi would do.

Zanzibar is a part of Tanzania and is not different from Tanzania Mainland. It’s an African country (sovereignty state) who has learned from their past mistakes. Tanzania (Mainland) hasn’t learned; that’s what makes the difference. And the effect shows. As Tanzanians we should transit from “mind poverty” nation to go about the fastest growing economy. We are really fortunate as the past ills are corrected. I believe we can also correct our own mistakes too, if we care, not only Zanzibar but everyone can. Tanzania Mainland can too.

Hon. President your party (CCM) has said if it is elected into the Presidency come 2015, Tanzanians can expect that they will solve the problems of corruption, food security, power (electricity), transportation, education, ensure accelerated economic growth as well as affordable health care. The party made the declaration in their rallies. We have the CCM manifesto as well as your campaign promises and believe it or not, neither promised to curse our country when elected to office.

However, Honourable President accountability and transparency in the management of government businesses, due process in contract award and personnel recruitment; pedantic enforcement of laws, rules and regulations are clamors or agitations that have not for once taken place in this country as a movement but those are actually our problems. They are easily attainable and don’t need constitutional amendments.

These are the fundamental requirements which ought to be the civic responsibility of all Tanzanians. But it is most unfortunate that our thinking capacity of majority of us has been mortgage based on political sentimentality. The earlier we understand and wear back our thinking cap to use our tone in counting our teeth the better for all Tanzanians. Activist still have a lot to do, ensuring that they put the common sense back to us.

Hon. President never deny opinions if you let it out its only normal for others like myself to tell you how different we feel about it so don’t feel bad about owning opinion. You must hear the piece of others minds as long as you speak out unless you want to keep it in your head were no one will see it to counter or oppose.

All we hear these days is war against corruption. Nobody around you is prepared to tell you that in almost five months, you are yet to impact on key areas like security, welfare, the economy, agriculture, housing, etc. They keep massaging your ego that you are doing very well and my dear President you are enjoying all the salutations.

The final and lasting solution to our numerous problems is to complete and put the proposed Warioba’s Constitution to the implementation of what has come to be known as the “Tanzanian solution” where the expectation are at the very best.

My message to you Mr. President is very simple: Wise leaders listen more to their critics than supporters and friends. It’s okay to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people. That doesn’t give you the right to deny any sense they might make. Nor does it give you a right to accuse someone of poorly expressing their beliefs just because you don’t like what they are saying. Learn to recognize good things when you hear it, even if it means overcoming your pride and opening your mind beyond what is comfortable 

I wish you well as always Sir.

By Abdul Noor

Twitter: @abdul_noor

A dynamite and dynamic young man, mentally resourceful, intellectually equipped, visionary and responsible sensitive citizen, committed to personal and national development, creative writer and an activist.

Party changes by Tanzanian politician are not a new phenomenon but one that has been with us as a nation since the first republic in the decade leading to independence of Tanzania as a sovereign nation. We have seen it availed some political parties in the past and also it has spelled doom for other. The question now is that does parties change hold prospect for vibrant opposition? It does not because Tanzanian politician’s parties change for a number of reasons:-

  • To have better access to power and the spoils of office.
  • To escape political oppression and persecution.
  • As a result of a breakdown in the aims and objectives amongst the founding fathers of a party.
  • As a tactical and strategic political retreat to re-launch a political agenda on another platform.
  • For ideological reasons, when the initial platform has derailed from the ideals which inspired like minds to join the party and bring to bear these lofty ideals in the service of the people. Defection based on this ideal is few and far between in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian situation is in sharp contrast to the practice in the more established democracies like USA or Britain. In the USA generations of families vote and belong to one party and it is seen as political apostasy for a member of a party to change party to the other party; imagine a member of the Kennedy family becoming a Republican or a member of the Bush family becoming a Democrat or even a Clinton becoming a Republican, that will cause political earth-quake. The same attitude prevail in Britain imagine a Labour Member of Parliament MP defecting to the Conservative (Tory) party or Vice versa.

All these ideological consistency have no relevance to Tanzania, our political leaders change parties at will according to their present needs and fancy, some of our leaders under the present dispensation have changed parties more than 3 times in less than 10 years. The then MP of Kasulu Mosses Machali is a classic illustration of this rolling stone tendency.

A number of reasons have been adduced for this fair weather attitude to politics the most reasonable being the lack of ideological base by most Tanzanian parties, for the most part there is no ideological difference between Tanzanian parties, even parties that make a big show of being radical and progressive when it comes to the nitty-gritty show a lack of understanding of the basic tenets of democracy absence of free and fair primaries; imposition of candidates, lack of internal democracy and transparency. Carpet cross hold no prospect for vibrant opposition it only undermines what they stand for.

By Abdul Noor

Twitter: @abdul_noor

He is a dynamite and dynamic young man, mentally resourceful, intellectually equipped, futuristically visionary and responsibility sensitive citizen. A man who is committed to personal and national development. He is a Creative writer, and an activist.