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If you are my supporter and want me to succeed in my leadership drive toward 2020 and beyond, don’t hesitate to tell me the blunt truth. If I goofed or throw some gaffs point it out immediately and ensure I take note, that’s how to build strong leaders.

A way

With understanding, moderation, balance of thought, deductive reasoning, strong character, clear and transparent opinion, serene disposition, good listening ability are key for driving home strong message of shaping the leadership space and changing the narratives. It is my intention in 2020 to contest in one of the constituencies in the country. Pray for me and support me.

Those you love, you should be chastised.


Few days ago, US President Trump wrote a letter to the North Korean Leader Kim Jung-Un to cancel their planned meeting in Singapore. To God who made me, I saw nothing wrong with that letter and even liked the syntax. Until some Americans decided to mark it as if it were an exam script in use of English. Many versions circulate on the internet, but this is the one I like best. Now in hindsight, I agree that Trump’s letter had issues. My youthful friends aspiring to be writers should please take note of the corrections marked in red.

Trump Image 2

Photo credit: Ryan Sheffield’s corrected version of Trump’s letter

I laughed so hard my head hurts. But America is in no place to correct English as a Language. We have so many versions of spoken English in the World; we just speak as we like it. May be as the most hated president in the history of mankind, and so deserve, should be extra careful.

English language started as a mash up and miss spellings of trade languages of Dutch, German and Celtic…. so I will not use proper grammar it’s detrimental to the future progression of language! President Trump is a classic example where you don’t have to be top of the class to become leader of the free world…… If it’s genuine, at least he wrote it himself. Not like our politicians who waste millions of shillings on speech writers because they are too thick or illiterate to compose their own. The point of grammar is to be clearly understood, that the President of a foreign country uses language so inarticulately is troublesome because it means we think we know what he meant but can’t be sure.

Trump image

Michelle Huete gave the President a D for his efforts as shown above

Surprisingly, I don’t expect my president (HE Dr. Magufuli) to have perfect spelling and grammar. Demanding such really show the elitism shining through the libs. I expect the president to do the job he said he would.

President Lincolns Gettysburg address was once put into a grammatical program…it failed also.  So the point is…writing is good if it gets the point across.  Don’t worry about the semantics…

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Terms and Conditions

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I have listened and read adverts and promos that end with this statement ‘terms and conditions apply’. Though I have come across these severally, I never take that so serious as to make it a principle until the recent political dispensation which blames everything on many things.

The ruling party was voted by Tanzanians to ‘salvage’ the country but neither the party nor Tanzanians defined the terms and conditions for the government to bring the positive change the people desire. If from the onset, conditions such as possible fall in cooking oil and sugar prices many others were considered, either CCM will have opted out of the desire to rule or Tanzanians sought different party to salvage the system. Now, everybody blames everything on something because we did not define the conditions for the change and people expectations were just beyond the possible. I think may be President Magufuli has a good intention for his people but his intention goes slowly when you see hardship and poverty among Tanzanians growing up rather than decreasing.


Having said the above, I want to state as a principle that in all our engagements, agreements and contracts, we should expect, and thus, try to find out the terms and conditions. I observe that many times we enter into agreements and engagements without understanding or seeking to understand the terms or conditions applied. In such cases, when it fails, we are left with nothing than assumptions that they existed on did not, playing assumptions in our favour.

When we fail to consider the terms and conditions at outset, it is either that we do not know what we are going into or someone knows and deliberately hides it so as to manipulate on ignorance. If you were to choose a school for your kids, find out terms and conditions. If you will partner with someone, define the terms and conditions. Even in friendship, define your boundaries, leave nothing to assumptions. As far as it is a relationship, an agreement, a contract and a business, define terms and conditions and understand them clearly.


I have been raising an observation but everybody is busy without listening, in fact I don’t know where any government that will be voted into power will get money to fulfill all promises both are making. Me I am not surprise with what is happening because those promises were not realistic/unattainable.

I think the terms and conditions were actually given by the CCM campaign team just that most Tanzanians never really analyze it otherwise or perhaps alot wouldn’t have gone with the agreement. To my own understanding of the terms and conditions given by the campaigner is as this, the terms can be taken as the promises to take or transform our nation to a much more better place and the only condition for such to happen is by giving them our desired votes which of course it was given. So next time when one going into an agreement or contract, please try and analyze the terms and conditions given otherwise you might be heading for a one chance vehicle.

Please never assume.

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We should be colonized again.

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The unfolding diplomatic row between the UK and Russia will help you understand how backward we are in Tanzania, and why England should colonize us again. Say what you will, but I’m convinced beyond doubt that our independence from British rule in 1961 was premature. If we need to tax ourselves to pay for recolonization, I don’t mind paying my share.

Nearly two weeks ago, Sergei Skripal, a former Russian spy living in England, was poisoned along with his daughter by suspected Russian agents. Both are alive, though critically ill and receiving treatment. It was passers-by who alerted the police to Skripal’s dazed state on a public bench. Doctors immediately suspected poisoning, which led to police sealing parts of the neighbourhood as “crime scenes”.

Lab tests and CCTV footage would later point to two suspects who apparently smeared the victim’s car door-handle with “Novichok”, a deadly nerve gas developed in Russia during the Cold War. The British obviously learnt from experience. In 2006, another Russian at odds with the Kremlin was poisoned to death in London with radioactive Polonium by two Russian agents identified by UK authorities.

Compare that to Lissu who was shot as he was returning home from a parliamentary session in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania. Gunmen sprayed his car with as many as 32 bullets, hitting him five times, in the stomach, arm and leg. Lissu was rushed to the local hospital in critical condition and, once stable, airlifted to Nairobi for the best care and protection.

Just imagine a barely literate bunch of “unknown people” drove truck into his home in a secure area in Dodoma, in a neighborhood with other MPs and government ministers, which presumably would have been difficult for gunmen to enter. He was attacked by men with machine guns who escaped in their truck. He was not robbed, suggesting that their intent was to kill him. It is more than six months now no any progress. And the government still searches for suspect! This is a senseless act of violence.

Security is all-encompassing. Human intelligence, electronic intelligence, community policing, and forensic labs, are all parts of security. But we ignore them to the delight of criminals and then scramble police to search for them. If the U.K. had taken this path, I’m sure those Russian poisons won’t have been detected, and thousands would have died of poisoning in London and Salisbury.

Tundu Lissu showed how Tanzania is governed badly under CCM. Lissu showed how we can determine criminals. Police may allow citizens to foil their escape, but don’t count on a prompt response by the Tanzania Police or civil defence. They would be busy guarding VIPs.

Yes, Rome was not built in a day. But Rome was also not built in a million years, which is the rate at which we are going. Shamefully, our leaders have been to Rome and London and seen their standards. Our system favours them, so they won’t change it. Since life is all about self-preservation, I call on the U.K. Government to please colonize Tanzania once again to ensure my safety. I’m willing to pay for it.

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I stand in deep thought and in pain,
Thinking how to set my words in language plain,
With the memories coming in floods,
How we were people that with conscience stood.

And now we watch as our humanity withers away,
With every wrong act we condone or words we say,
Till we are numbed in to submission,
Resigning our fates to unreason.


A land can thrive in unbelief,
But injustice is a mite too far,
Authority must it’s hand extend to bring relief,
Or society’s very existence it does mar.

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I don’t know why our politicians have a very very short memory. It’s now the season for our politicians decamping to the ruling party to either enable them to get their share of the national cake or they are moving to save their assets.

So, that you are tearing your hair out because some opposition people are cross-carpeting to CCM, what are you thinking? That the CCM is different from the oppositions? That the CCM is the party you voted in to clean up what you consider the mess of their own? That the cross-carpeting opposition politicians are about to sabotage the good governance and development you were sure to enjoy under the CCM government you voted for? C’mon, wake up! The Tanzanian politicians have had you! Whether in khaki, “gamba” or suit, they’ve been having you since then! When you grow up or when you grow a little wisdom, you will stop your “Wailing Wailers” routine and face up to the reality that you are not going anywhere fast as a nation with the characters you have elected at every level in Tanzania today. Oh, not that there’s no hope; but that hope will start manifesting only when you, the young thinking people begin to understand what your role is in claiming your future for yourself. Democracy is not a tea party; no one has prepared a banquet for you to walk in to enjoy. It’s a do-it-yourself form of government and when you don’t do what you have to do as a vigilant citizen, you get served shit and you grub it up happily and even ask for more!

I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. People can never predict when hard times might come. Like fish in a net or birds in a trap, people are caught by sudden tragedy.

When opposition converts to CCM you escape being probed or investigated and become Saint. I hail politicians in Tanzania. All the saints are marching on…

In the case in point, there are two major political parties. Neither is free of corrupt people but one has been able to exhibit exemplary leadership and produced some results in the past so let’s do a bit more of constructive criticism. Maybe eventually, we will be able to prune the bad ones out of them otherwise we float a new party that will be devoid of all these bad people and support the party till it becomes formidable enough to contest elections in Tanzania. We all know CCM is not a party of mostly saints!

Truly life is a journey!

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Happy New Year to you all friends!

My only New Year resolution is a trip to Chidilo village (Bahi district) to greet my biological son in the ended year 2017. Unexpected delays in development in most parts of the country over the past years would be deleted if we had leaders who care about the situation of their citizens.

I was traveling and could only imagine Mr. President’s New Year message. I must agree with my friends from Bihawana, Chidilo and Bahi constituency in general complaining all day long that they have been short-changed in their area of infrastructure projects despite their overwhelming support for JPM/CCM and their MP Hon. Omar Badwel in 2015.

If roads will crisscross Tanzania through so many constituencies, then excluding Bahi Constituency doesn’t make sense considering their agricultural activities and livestock keeping. I hope this error will be rectified. My interest in rural transformation stems from the fact that commercialization of agriculture and livestock will increase production and productivity and create surplus.

I was saddened by the readings of our dear President’s New Year Tweet saying “I urge you to continue to maintain peace, love, solidarity, and work hard for our efforts and knowledge for our nation’s development in order to build a New Tanzania”.Our poor rural people, if you do not rehabilitate road infrastructure so they can easily travel and transport their crops, have the assurance of getting clean and safe water, confident with health care these people can see President’s new year greetings for his citizens has targeted people of other places not theirs.

It is high time voices should be raised and all the other past legislators from that area should cover their heads in shame for keeping quiet when their people are crying.

What an iron! Chidilo’s youth have matched objective in analyzing issues that has inspired me as a Tanzanian citizen especially the youth to shake off the culture of silence and speak out for truth and justice. Chidilo circle is indebted to the standing by it in the heat of their newly struggle. The way they amplified their voice to me from since I knew them back in 2015 is highly commendable. I hope and pray for a more intimate rapport and fruitful collaboration with them as we face the challenges of 2018 they have proven to be a true patriot in the struggle for their right and good governance.

The major problems faced by the people in the constituency are mainly of drinking water and pot holed roads. Majority of the areas of the constituency are far major hospitals of the General Hospital and Mvumi Hospital. However, some residents want dispensaries in their localities so that minor ailments are taken care off in their respective localities at the dispensaries. The residents said that they have no medical dispensary in the area to deal with the minor health problem. “The area is far to Mvumi Hospital but we need a dispensary to take care of minor health problems for the area. We have told the authorities about our demand but they didn’t pay any attention”.

Chidilo residents said that their roads are in dilapidated condition and they face severe drinking water crisis. Mr. Chedego, a local resident, said that they approached the Village authorities with their problem but it was not addressed.

Their roads are full of pot holes and they are not being repaired. When they approached the authorities they didn’t respond. During rainy season travelling upto main roads becomes difficult for them. They start their journey from Chidilo at 4:30am and reach Dodoma Municipal by 7am due to bad road. Normally, they would cover the distance in 45 minutes if there were a sustainable road. If Bihawana road is repaired the problem will be partly solved but Government doesn’t bother.

These villagers also said they have a problem with access to safe water especially during the summer because the dams that depend on go dry. “We have a significant shortage of access to water in our localities but during the rainy season the water enters our homes.

The resident says that they have no tape water since the Tanganyika independence. All the residents in the locality store drinking water in jerrycanes as the water tankers to the locality on alternate days. It is not sufficient as they have to use this water for cooking, bathing and washing clothes. This problem is for several years now. They don’t see any solution as the authorities say that they have no funds. They were promised by the MP that area will get water but it has so far remained a promise only.

Dams that are used to provide water are natural dams that they share with animals such as cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys. Their MP Hon. Omar Badwel has turned his backs on; the village government is equal to absence. The one day I stayed in the village to talk to relatives and friends expressed their frustration with their lives. They do not dream of getting electricity even for the next 20 years.

Let me conclude the article by asking the government officials what Dodoma’s residents (especially Bahi Constituency) have done wrong? Why not be given priority at-least as a Region where Chama Cha Mapinduzi, the dominant and longest reigning ruling party which has been chosen all the time with these residents since the restoration of the multi-party system?

In conclusion I will tell you that I’ve learned five leadership rules since November 5, 2015

  1. Honesty is good for leaders, but only if shared with aides who act in their names. An honest leader detecting dishonest aides should not turn a blind eye. Either he sacks them, or they praise his legacy.
  2. A leader should fulfill his promises. Economic hardship can scuttle some promises, but there is no excuse for him trading some opposition idiot leaders when he condemned that when seeking office.
  3. A leader should have suitable plans and programs while preparing for office. A leader with majority support taking 2 months to form a cabinet has created his own problems.
  4. A leader must have good PR staff to communicate effectively with his people and the outside world. He could be the best of leaders, but a bad PR team could make him worse just from their blunders.
  5. A leader needs listening ears through all avenues, including petitions and even gossip. That is the only way to know if his aides cheat the poor who elected him or his well-intended policies cause suffering in the land.

For this few words I wish us all a memorable 2018 year filled with determination and success.

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