Tanzanian Intellectuals: A Shame to Our Generation.

Posted: August 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Let me start by saying that it is for reasons not unconnected with limited vocabularies that I am compelled to refer to the present crop of seemingly bookish persons we have in Tanzania today as intellectuals. In all honesty, these guys do not really meet up with the main prerequisite for being regarded as such.

By definition, an intellectual is one with a highly developed intellect. One who engages in critical thinking and reflections about the ills of the society and comes up with practical solution on how to address those problems. Intellectuals are the brains, the think tank and conscience of their society.

Let us get one thing very clear here, going to all the high profile centre of learning in the entire universe and acquiring all the academic titles acquirable DOES NOT necessarily make one an intellectual in the real sense of the world. Ability to arrange letters of the alphabet and command the languages to do your bidding the exact way DOES NOT necessarily make you an intellectual either, except of course, we are dealing with the confused and lopsided definition of the term “intellectuals”.

The hood does not make the monk just as the wig does not make the lawyer. The monk is in us. Not everybody who had gone to school succeeded in acquiring education. Some went there purposely to acquire certificates and ability to speak some high sounding grammars which are mostly incorrect, grammatically.

To be an intellectual, you must show proof that you have a highly developed intellect. You must show this proof from your contribution towards curing some of your societal ills. The big question is, is the so called intelligentsia community here a part of our problem or the solution?

Considering the role these so called intellectuals played during the last general election and the very shameful role they have continued to play even in the face of full blown tyranny and state-sponsored crisis we are witnessing under a president they sold us, I’m reasonably convinced they are a major part of our problem in this country. The so called intellectuals are a disgrace to that very term “intellectualism”. It is my view that mentioning them and the term “intellectualism” in the same sentence amounts to subjecting the beautiful term to the worst form of ridicule.

In the run up to the 2015 general elections primaries, there were not less than 20 candidates contesting for office of the President but because these so called intellectuals also suffer from the same binary thinking syndrome like most Tanzanians, they believed their own lies that the candidates were just two. And they threw their weight behind HE Magufuli.

This is the man the so called Tanzanians intellectuals threw their weight behind during the last election and even swore that he (Magufuli) was the best man for the job.

Who is Haruna Ibrahim Lipumba?

Haruna Ibrahim Lipumba is a man who is raping democracy and showing utter disdain for his CUF party members and us all (Tanzanians) by overthrowing the democratically elected leader and seize power.

Note, all of Lipumba’s record of tyranny, leadership abuses, disdain for democracy and democratic principles and even alleged cases of power etc.

This is a man who never did anything to improve himself all through the over 2 decades he always seek power. All he did was come out to contest every five years, loose, go back home and wait for another five years to come out to contest again. This is the same man we “so called” intellectual with supposedly highly developed intellect sometimes back believed is the most qualified to pilot the affairs of millions Tanzanian people?

How can a people with this worrisome degree of sycophancy and blind partisanship still claim to be the think tank and conscience of the society? How can a people be so criminally hypocritical and inconsistent? How can a people be so full of knowledge but devoid of commonsense?

Quite frankly, I should just pause here and die laughing if this was not such a crying shame.

Hearing Prof. Lipumba’s tales of his personal wars and woes, I was left wondering whether to simply pause and die laughing or die crying. In his bid to prove to Maalim Seif that he is not a slave, he ended up writing the letter of his long years of slavery to the Bunge that he doesn’t recognize his Secretary General. How poetically ironic!

When a real man serves a master, he gets settled at the end of the agreed term. He doesn’t serve in perpetuity. When will servant Lipumba get settled by his Masters?

Indeed, slavery is more psychological than physical. It is a thing of the mind. Once a man’s mind is CAPTURED and his THOUGHT process ENSLAVED, forget it, such a man is no longer an ordinary slave. He is now the biggest asset the slave master has. To him, his chain is now a beautiful bracelet. For a piece of cake, he will remain eternally grateful to his master even when it was him who designed the recipe for the damn cake and got all it takes to bake the cake himself and feed the multitude. Waste not your valuable time engaging such a person. He’s not deserving of even your silence.

For Lipumba, the current privileged position his slave masters have gifted him with is all that matters. The generality of CUF can go to hell.

Look them in the eye and say to them, Maalim Seif is fighting for his freedom and that of his people, what are you fighting for? What alternative are you offering? No man, no matter how powerful, can make a private bargain with history.

Lipumba is an OUTRACIZED idiot and to a CORE and a FUGITIVE due to his TRAITORIAL, APOLOGETIC DISPOSITION AND BETRAYAL activities. A slave, Lipumba is engaging in image laundering not only to CUF but also to nation. No political conscious people anywhere in the world can tolerate this present Tanzania believe it or not!

One of the teachers I revered most once counseled that it won’t cost us anything to say ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ to someone in a position of authority, but that person would treasure it so much. I departed high school with that thoughtful impression. Thereafter, I considered intellectuals as part of the people in positions of authority. In reverence to what they did in the community, I said ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ to them, I knew – EVEN THOSE WHO WERE YOUNGER THAN ME! It didn’t cost me anything to say those words, but it appeared they honored appreciated my gesture.

For some reasons, my view has changed about that gesture. Now I know that all intellectuals are not the same – some are more real than the others. Hence, the clergymen and women I meet these days have to earn my admiration, by walking the talk. What changed my view about venerating them, when it didn’t cost me anything to revere them? I expected them to be the fearless voices for the voiceless Tanzanians. I anticipated the clerics to be the intrepid orators who decried those who institutionalized revulsion and exploitation. I expected them to be the forthright voice of many.

Apart from a handful of intellectuals, I have witnessed top clerics blessing the activities of those who stole from the poor. I have watched famous intellectuals gracing the immoral ceremonies of the unethical people in power. Now, I respect ONLY the authority of God, not that of man. I no longer look up to them to speak up for social justice but for providence to rain down justice. I no longer see most ‘intellectuals’ as authorities, but fellow humans, with their own fallibilities. Human authorities have failed me; the courts of man have disappointed me; now, they MUST earn my ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.

Let we people start a movement that will shake the establishment. If not Tanzania will always be moving backward. We should ask ourselves who among the present politicians is not a thief? Mention one politician that has not been involved in stealing Tanzania money. Going into politics in Tanzania is all about stealing.

I will end my article by asking those so called intellectuals, what is that one thing that convinced you guys that Magufuli was the right man to preside over the destinies of over 50 million Tanzanians in this modern age? I only ask for one ground, just one, not two, upon which you guys became convinced Magufuli was the Messiah?

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