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We are one despite our political affiliations differences. We have to use every means to educate our fellow Tanzanians. We cannot separate for any reason, our nationality link us as one. Several months I came up with an idea of ​​inviting the Guest Columnist to contribute to this blog and today the idea start with my brother and friend Beatus Kisusi contributing a few about the required negotiation between the Government of Tanzania and Barrick. I believe his message is a long notice that will enable our leaders to think about the elaborated key strategies in our ”makinikia saga”. Young folks you need to understand that, we all can disagree without been disrespectful or violence towards each other. Guys let join him to know his thoughts.

As marketing, economics and insurance consultant, as well as passionate politician negotiations is part and parcel of my professional life. Below are my experience inputs in mastering the art of negotiations as the country is heading to the toughest one since independence. I decided to call it the toughest ever because as a nation we all know any positive outcome over this matter will be our economic game changer. Herewith are some of the key basic factors for a successful negotiation meeting:-

  1. Preparation
    A well prepared team of corporate business/economist and legal consultants with enough know how as well as proven track records per each individual into international negotiations. Strong team always attracts good results.
  2. You must know what exactly you want before entering into a discussion. Being uncertain over what you really want makes you a goalless negotiator. Negotiators with factual, persuasive and emotional techniques always have an upper hand on the table to attain their determined goal.
  3. Right people for the job.

Well detailed informed, skillful, sharp brains individuals with the ability to turn the table into their favor at anytime during negotiation process are real needed. The war strategy “ART OF MANEUVER” as described by Sun Tzu in his book The Arts of War is very applicable. Remember negotiation is all about sharpness of the brains between two opposite parties.

  1. The key rule of any negotiations is give and take… our circumstances balancing is very essential without compromising the main goal on hand. A team should lie down different options before as guidance during negotiating.
  2. Know exactly what kind of people you are dealing with. In war knowing your enemy very well is a half win battle.
  3. Mastering the language to be used.

Fluent enough into the agreed language to be used during negotiations is very important. Many European countries always exploit fully the disadvantage of our poor English skills and beat us by experience. Our negotiators must be very good in communication skills. Refer the battle between a snake and an eagle, the eagle always forces the snake to change the battle group from land to air beat him by experience. In our case language and exposure always destroy us on the table.

  1. Confidence
    This will is good and real required but it should not undermine the opposite side.
  2. Reasonable stand

        Don’t be too rigid to avoid a collapse of the entire negotiations.

  1. Listening
    Listing to each other tentatively will make the entire process much easier.
  2. Team work.

I stand to be corrected forks.
Beatus Kisusi


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