CCM Leadership, Bane of our National Development

Posted: June 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dear Readers.

I have always said it that our problem in this country is not politics, religious or tribe; it is our leaders who to blame as they have been deceived themselves.

Leadership has been proven to be the bane of our national development and over the years we are still scrambling and browsing for credible servant-leader, honest and a man and woman with integrity that can be there to push through and lead us into the Tanzania of our dreams. Few civilians upon have tested the stage but for 55 years now the story is still the same. If Tanzania can get a visionary, purpose-driven leader and a man/woman with leadership capacity to tackle our various problem I think our story will change.

Leadership everywhere in the world provides direction and gives people a sense of direction but unfortunately reverse is the case in Tanzania. Until we get the right people into the right place of leadership in Tanzania we will never leave this pitiable and despicable state we found ourselves as a country. Tanzania need leadership with intentional thinking and intelligent actions, by so doing this will cause a shift in our paradigm. Tanzania deserves better leadership than the looters we have now.

Secondly the other problem of our country is we people. We have failed in asking serious questions from those we have elected to serve us. We have used politics as an excuse for failure. We have turned corruption into a culture such that you might be disowned by your immediate family and your community if you hold a political office and you are not corruption. In fact people will hail you for stealing billions from the government coffers and even shame you when you don’t steal enough. As if that is not enough, they will pack themselves and go as far as “Kimanga” to hail on your behalf if you are unfortunately or fortunately caught. As you will be hearing slogans like “this is witch hunting”, “He is our son”, “is he the first person to steal?”, “is he the only one that stole?” And so on and so forth.

Until we wake up in this country to face our real enemies who are our political leaders (especially CCM leaders) and stop the escapist’s tactics of playing petty politics, we might not get it right in this country.


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