Enough is Enough

Posted: April 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

I think the Tanzanian electorate has been patient enough. For two years now all they are hearing from the government is that….we are aware of your suffering and the hardship you are facing. The issue is cant there be succor even for once at least to assure the electorate that the leadership is concerned? I am tired of hearing new negative and detrimental policies on the lives of Tanzanians in the name of putting the economy on sustainable growth and development. Why should prices farming essential continue to rise in a country that is trying to boost food production? Why should the cost of communication/internet or air time be increased in a country where aggressive research is needed to bring out home grown solution to the country’s economic problems?

This and many other issues are forcing me to believe that some people somewhere are misdirecting the President to go against the country and its people. I hasten to add that the President should try to reflect back and see the sacrifices made by Tanzanians because of their love for him and in anticipation of something positive coming out of it but still to no avail. I call on the President to as a matter of urgency and in his own interest desist from further subjecting the people into hardship otherwise he risk losing his good reputation and integrity. Tanzanians are tired and if they cannot get some relief, they may most certainly not be able to take further hardship. Enough is Enough.


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