The Relevance of Politics Ideology

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Chadema, Human Right, Noor, Politics, Rai, Serikali, Uncategorized, zittokabwe

Our current politics is small, ethno-divisive and rejects intellectual acuity. Both the smallness and the polarity of our politics bother me at times. I’m pro-participation. If not all Tanzanians, I expect the size of participants to increase and be inclusive. But most importantly I expect the patrio-intellectual content to improve. That being said, I wish Tanzania would come to acknowledge the fact that political participation doesn’t starts and ends with election alone, rather it has it origin(root), branches, tributaries, laws, constitution, institutions, and terminal in ideology. It is unfortunate that our current political elites are known for nothing, not even the weakest and idiotic ideology.

It is my childish view that a stupid ideologue is better than a non-ideologue, for in the world of politics such idiot can win election and advance idiocy why the non-ideologue does nothing to stop the idiotic ideologue, simply because the non-ideologue believes and acts on nothing.

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