Posted: March 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

My fellows Tanzanian what is going on now in Tanzania is the story that touches the heart, we voted for this people to protect our image, to bring unity and progress to our beloved father Land Tanzania but they lay us down in the hands of other side, we want to assure them that he who does the antorms weight of good will see it and who does the antorms weight of evils will certainly see it, do you people think that God will support you all the time for your wrong doing? What did you people achieve in breaking the heart of our people? as long as we are alive we will continue praying to Tanzania and everything shall be well with us by the grace of God our children and our great grand children will enjoy the fruits of our labour they will be called the great champions and copyright of our time, the great pilot on this invasion prays that there is no victory without a sacrifice.

Today we have witnessed yet another tragic decision in our nation with our leader ousted for defending the media and offend his boss. This is so sad. There is so much hatred in this country, so many tears, so much evil, so much sadness and so many tragedies. So many shattered dreams, broken hearts and wounded souls, so much injustice and insensitivity, so much greed and want.

Welcome to Tanzania the Demonic Republic of Sadism, failure, inequity, injustice, wickedness and shattered dreams. A country where common decency, kindness and human compassion has no place.

A country where ignorance and mediocrity is exalted and in which excellence and knowledge is scorned. A nation in which truth has no place and in which those that tell it are hated and treated with contempt. I weep for my country. May God deliver her from the relentless demons that plague her.

Long live Tanzania


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