Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Leadership is a momentous endeavor. It transcends being the lucky official who heads a flock of uninformed followers. It surpasses the unmerited personal comfort sustained by the commonwealth of the people. It outstrips the ephemerals of lights, cameras, microphones, shimmering convoys, and overzealous defenders. It exceeds dwelling in a marble castle adjacent to the shantytown crammed by the conventional people. It is about having the gift of integrity; to be in charge of people’s treasury without looting it. It is okay to be critiqued for being a firm leader, and it is even worth dying for. The head who is not willing to die, for the people to live, is not a living leader. Leadership is about the affection, appreciation, and space created for the trailblazer in the hearts of an appreciative people. It is about what posterity has in stock for the real leader.



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