Posted: January 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

At a time when my own generation ought to be preparing to take the baton of leadership in the nearest future, they are busy submitting themselves as bows and arrows to political leaders to use in fighting their battles, then you know what kind of future lies ahead of us as a country.

You will see youths, they so called LEADERS OF TOMORROW fighting each other, hating each other all because some political leaders disagree, not minding to think of what becomes of them after these warring political leaders settle their differences which is likely to happen eventually, as we see in democracies across the world.

What if they settle their differences and become co-travelers? Does that mean you will also automatically forget all the targets you hit, all the enemies you made? Are you a kind of programmed robot?

How can you spend all these years going to school and graduate with the same or even better result than someone, only for you to be his dog that he unleashes on his enemies? You are a waste to your generation, a disappointment to your parents who laboured to send you to school, and a disgrace to the schools you attended.

If you must interfere when political leaders are fighting, let it be to appeal to the warring parties to settle their disputes and not to aggravate the situation. If you succeed in fueling the crisis, it is you that will suffer the consequences in the end.

Please my fellow youths, stop embarrassing us.



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