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Memo to Corrupt Tanzanian Lawmakers, Ministers, Judges, Heads of Parastatals, etc.

It is a shame that 55 years after attaining political independence from the British colonialists, Tanzania is yet to be truly independent politically, economically, culturally, socially and even mentally. Over the years since independence, virtually all the critical areas of the economy and national life have continuously been neglected by successive administrations. Unpleasant happenings concerning rapidly decaying infrastructure, collapsed health sector, deteriorating education sector, rising rate of unemployment, increase in level of crime and other forms of criminality all over the country.

The country is moving dangerously and aimlessly and if care is not taken, the result may be disastrous. Why has Tanzania been unlucky to have honest, trustworthy, dynamic, selfless and disciplined leaders that can serve the country with unwavering commitment, determination and impeccable integrity and effectively motivate the followership towards achieving meaningful national goals and aspirations?

Why is it that since independence, especially from inauguration of multipatism in 1992, it has been difficult to ensure democracy works successfully in Tanzania? Why should Tanzania’s form of democracy be different from the one in civilized and sane climes across the world? The reason nothing seems not to be working in Tanzania is that many of those charged with the responsibility of directing the affairs of the country at various tiers are there, not to serve but to pursue their selfish interests and also corruptly enrich themselves. Election riggers and political misfits, as well as political prostitutes now dictate the tune while politics has become the most lucrative business.

We mortgaged our own future and that of our offspring – now, we are reaping the wild oats of complacency we sowed years ago. A nation, they say, gets the kind of leadership they deserves. A truthful nation gets truthful leaders, and a corrupt nation gets corrupt leaders. The leadership of a nation is an antecedent of their character, because the nation usually tolerates the leaders whose moral fibers reflect those of the people.

TRUTHS: Segments of the industrialized realms continue to pigeonhole Africans and the descendants of Africans as the derisible primates in the jungle. As the most peaceful nation in Africa, Tanzania remains the bull’s eye for the revulsion propelled at Africa and Africans. The loathing sectors of the developed world are not amused by how many of our Lawmakers, Ministers, Heads of Parastatals, and even Judges receive bribes or steal the funds budgeted for developing their own country and hiding them in the developed world, where nobody respects the officials and their loots. They are not mesmerized by how our officials procure foreign pleasures with the cash projected for elevating disadvantaged Tanzanians.

The United Kingdom (UK) was built by the altruistic citizens who treasured their Motherland. The United States of America (USA) was engineered by the thoughtful Americans who valued their Fatherland. The United Arab Emirates’ city of Dubai, where the Tanzanian prodigals waste the money, mostly embezzled or appropriated through inducements, was fashioned by the Arabs who placed their homeland before themselves. On the contrary, Tanzania was ruined by the bantam-brained officials who treasured and bragged about vacationing in the UK, USA, and UAE, where nobody respected them and their spurious wealth. No entities are more tactless than those who display opulence overseas with the wealth pilfered from their own people.

MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTION, therefore, is to remain a longer, sharper, and itchier bone in the throats of the lethargic, immoral, and opportunistic Tanzanian officials who shamelessly accept the insults hurled at Africa. I am resolute in my resolve to NEVER watch soundlessly as the insensitive, materialistic, and treacherous leeches on the corridors of power degrade my place of birth. I am committed to combating the low-esteemed officials who raid the nation to cover their insecurity and inability to thrive on their personal efforts. I SHALL NOT capitulate to those who perpetuate sleaze, disrepute, and retrogression in Tanzania. Once again, the die has been cast and the line has been drawn for another year. Tanzania must flourish!

Before you talk with an average Tanzanian, he/she tells you “by God’s grace”. What that means, I do not know. We steal, cheat, kill, discriminate and on Fridays and Sundays, we flock to mosques and churches, paying 10 percent of our loot to some funny characters called men of God……. Shame on this nation.

My dear friends, I would never dare to bias you with my writings! I am being totally straight when asking them to lead us in this matter concerning our future. Nothing will change without the promptings of civil society. Those politicians differing of parties are only interested in getting as much of the national cake for themselves; they have no interest in alleviating our plight and poverty. Believe me, I may live elsewhere in the world but everything I am, I owe to Tanzanians. So my request is earnest.

It’s the high esteem in which I hold you, confident of your integrity that prompts this request. For Tanzania to move with times, we must invest in our future by investing in YOU!

Tanzanians need change right from the highest to the lowest, the richest down the poorest, the wisest through the foolish ones, and the ables and the disables. The change is yet to come.

Happy New Year 2017

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