The Politics of Poverty, Sex and Child Birth.

Posted: December 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

There’s a general belief that poor people have more time for sex because they are idle. Less work, less money, more time for sex, more children. In reality, it is not always so. Many poor people work longer hours than rich people; in fact, poor people undertake the physically tasking jobs that should ordinarily sap their energy for sex.

The other myth is that rich People are almost always busy people, hence, they are either too tired for sex or can afford to have multiple partners. Having multiple sex partners mean you can exert your sexual energy on them rather than focus on one person and kill her with sex like poor people who cannot afford multiple partners.


In my study of people in relations to class, working longer or shorter hours have nothing to do with Child Birth or having too many children. It is true that poor people have more children than rich people. Logically, a rich person should have more children than a poor person because he has more resources to manage them.

Childbirth in 3rd world countries is rooted in socio-cultural socialization processes. The Sukuma and Haya have a belief system that encourages giving birth to plenty children. If you study other cultures, it is the same. There’s a foolish saying that “what a child will eat, he/she will bring it from heaven”. You ask yourself, why does this saying work very well with poor people?


Poverty is receptive to bullshit. Poor people accept socio-cultural norms without questions. Being financially stable affords you the opportunity to defy rules or regulations. Poverty creates a disconnect between illusion and reality. Rich people have money to buy more common sense than poor people.

We need to start educating ourselves and enacting laws that will criminalise waste. Yes! Giving birth to children you can’t manage is waste. Childbirth in my opinion should be a resource based project. You can’t birth a child and foist it on society to manage for you, it is criminal.


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