With God You Will Have A Successful Marriage

Posted: October 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Mr & Mrs. Erick

Marriage is spiritual, and a long part of your life, it’s terrible to end it half way miserable and lost, one just have to be careful, before choosing a life partner, no matter your degree and knowledge in life it only takes the grace of God to choose the right person, many people can fit into your destiny but there is this person that completes your life, if you marry the right person you will be favoured, marry the wrong person you will be disfavored. Marry your friend, someone you can joke and do crazy cute stuffs with, not someone you will be forcing yourself to be normal or be forming seriousness with, for me, you will carry your seriousness and go eeeh.

Never try to force your spouse to change into someone you prefer, before they met you, they already have a life, things they love doing or getting involve with, when you push too much, things start getting weird but if you don’t like what they get involve with, they can learn to adjust, but don’t force them. To have a successful marriage you need God, understanding, love and respect, with God and the rest, be assured you will have a successful marriage. In marriage it doesn’t get better it gets worse, you wake up every day with different challenges, you start seeing things that weren’t there before, in fact you don’t know people too well until you start living with them, it only takes God to make it work.


Mrs. Erick

Love is not enough to keep it strong; with time love you have for each other will be centered on your kids. Take your time, plan your life, pray and ask God to choose for you, think of the future of your unborn kids or the kid you have, the life style of a mother determines that of her kids also that of a father, same mind set will be impacted into your kids, people don’t totally change they adjust to something else and can go back to their formal form at anytime. Money, beauty doesn’t guarantee Happiness.

 Put it all on GOD.


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