Hate Irresponsibility

Posted: September 14, 2016 in Chadema, Noor, Politics, Rai, Serikali, Uncategorized, zittokabwe

If only president Magufuli, his entire team and their online #Vuvuzela had deployed at least 20% of the time and resources invested in painting Lowassa and his team in bad light towards delivering the much needed change to millions of Tanzanians who had faith in them, maybe…..just maybe, we wouldn’t be in this mess today.

But no, resorting to devilish lies and demonic propaganda all driven by hate against the person of the former PM was apparently the number one and arguably the only agenda of Magufuli-led CCM government.

By fire by force, Lowassa is made to look like the devil. We must twist history and present him (Lowassa) as the biggest thief in Tanzanian history. Whatever we do, we must always blame Lowassa. Even if we fail in our ‘husbandly’ duty to our wives, we must always blame it on Lowassa, plus so many other things he did then…..and to prove that puerile lies come easily to this government and all their agents, they have refused to take him to court. It doesn’t matter how corrupt someone is presumed to be, let him have his rights. Let the court find him guilty. That is democracy. Telling Tanzanians that Lowassa stole money and no any prosecution in almost nine years is the height of stupidity. Stupidity culminating into idiocy is when a hardliner keeps ranting over a factual known issues. They are all hypocrites suffering and smiling just to blanket the failures of their leadership. They think Tanzanians are stupid. They should get their acts right, work and unite the country prosperity. Lots of demons in government houses. Our nation needs divine cleansing. That’s why when you tell them their incompetence leadership has failed in everything they call you a devilish names. Sometimes I think they are superficial in reasoning to be engaged in intellectual discourse.


Just Look At! Commonsense isn’t common, after all, is it?

Millions of families have now been made destitute simply because some bunch of old men who clearly belong in the 16th century were so busy trying to paint Lowassa as too weak and corrupt to implement their leadership.

Nothing kills an organization or a country faster than the head of that organization or president of that country being unable to rein in his prejudice against certain persons. Leadership is a very serious business. As a leader, you don’t let your hate for some people who are against your leadership. Regrettably enough, this fact is lost on Magufuli and his team.

Did you guys ever hear Mr. Lowassa blame either government or anyone? This is because he has enough common sense to realize that leadership is about responsibility. Leadership is responsibility and anyone that isn’t ready to take responsibility, shouldn’t go near it. Responsibility for all the things that happened during your time in office. Whether they were caused by the actions or inactions is irrelevant because at the end of your tenure, you will be judged not by the mistakes of your enemy but by how you handled those problems you met on ground and the ones that surfaced later. Sadly enough, this very simple fact is lost on JPM and his team. Thank God Magufuli is president today, we have learnt our lessons

The real definition of irresponsibility is when you as President spent your time begging and even shading tears asking us to appoint you as our president and swearing by all the seven Gods that you had carefully studied all our problems and had the solutions on standby mode just waiting for us to approve your request of being made our president before you could roll out those solutions of yours only for us to finally make you president and watch you spend nearly one year blaming the past regime before you for all our woes.

You were elected because you claimed you had the solutions! Blaming past administrations for everything rather than trying to fix things as you promised is downright idiotic and terribly hypocritical because you were among the past administrations. You singlehandedly contributed over 50% of our problems today. You have been a member of parliament and a Minister, before becoming president. So, I ask, when you goes blaming past administrations for the rot in the system, what does you normally have at the back of your mind?

Our economy may be in recession but for some of us, our brains are not! 80% of the problems we are facing today are caused by this government’s very irresponsible act of not taking responsibility for anything! While the economy is nearly going down, our brains are not!

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Stet says:

    Vuvuzela stands for the truth.

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