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An average Tanzanian politician has the gene of wickedness deeply embedded in their system. He is a born liar and a cheat with no sense of empathy towards the common man on the street. The way these politicians lie to Tanzanians with so much ease and straight face, you’d be forgiven to think the Devil did his internship under them.
I have heard lies from politicians before but listening to our politicians today, you’d be left with no choice but to conclude that those who described the devil as the father of all lies certainly arrived at their conclusion without meeting the Tanzanian politician. It is not just the lies that irritates me to no end, it is the arrogance that goes with it. Quite frankly, an average Tanzanian politician is dark heated.

The tragedy of this whole thing is that lying isn’t even the major problem with these lots. They have a terribly flawed and badly twisted sense of morality and an incurable poverty mentality, plus, they are completely insensitive to the feelings of the ordinary Tanzanians. A reasonable percent of them are badly educated while the few that were well lettered are heavily lacking in the common sense department. And please, before you insult Prof. Ibrahim Lipumba or anyone, read this to the end, please.

Almost 90-95% of them have no clue as to why they are in the different positions they currently occupy. And nearly all of them see public offices solely as a means of acquiring wealth and nothing more.

As far as the Tanzanian politician is concerned, regardless of the idiotic thing they do in office with the people’s money, if you want to criticize them, you must kneel the exact way.

During political campaign and manifestoes they can easily lie down, jump, and do all the stunts, with begging and pleading with sugar dripping from their mouths as they talk in rhythms and rhymes-but immediately they land there, we are another thing pleading at least for them to allow us eat at night.

As far as the Tanzanian politician is concerned, once he builds a bridge, no matter how small, the people owe it to him to sing his praises and thank him for years. He doesn’t even know that the people owe him no gratitude as that is part of his job and the money wasn’t his but the people’s.

The average Tanzanian politician has a very twisted, confused and lopsided understanding of the term “governance”. These arrogant lots see themselves as the bosses rather than the servants of the people that they really are.

In a world peopled by folks with gray matters and enough common sense upstairs, every public office holder starting from the president down to the local government (Mtaa/Kijiji), is in office to serve the people. They are the employees of the people. The people are their employers! Their boss!! And they understand that every power they wield is given to them by the people in trust that they would wield those powers in the best interest of the public.

Now, look around you. Look at the average Tanzanian politician and tell me if the above is true of them. Tell me what you see!

All I used to see around here are mostly men and women who would kill, maim and destroy careers just to get to office and when they get them, they spend almost 99% of their tenure stealing even those things they would never need. They treat the people like the scum of the earth and close their eyes and ears to their suffering.

Look at that politician living in your neighborhood. Look at that minister, honorable Member of Parliament, councilor, and local government chairman. What you see is wealth and riches. And these are the people that are supposed to be serving you. But you are supposedly being served, you live in abject poverty you live in penury while these crooks live in affluence. Make no mistake, folks, there are just two classes of people: WE versus THEM. “WE” are the people regardless of our ethnic or religious affiliations, and “THEM” are the heartless politicians regardless of their political party.

All Tanzanian politicians are united in this evil plot to keep preying on the poor masses. It doesn’t really matter the political party they belong to, once it comes to preying on you, they are one. Take this from me!

Now look at the names of those serving in your government. Check their names from the president down to the last man and you’d see that it is the names of people who have been in government before most of us were even born. This is how they keep recycling themselves and fooling you into thinking they’ve brought change you desire but in reality, what they bring is chain.

Our Prime Minister told you (through parliament) about recession that “it is difficult for the government to come up with the definitive answer without carrying out an in-depth study”. Do you really blame him?

“When a relevant parliamentary committee tells you that there is a sharp decrease in the amount of goods passing through our port; when transporters are complaining, when the number of tourist visiting our country is going down, when hotels are being shut and turned into hostel what kind of data do you need to know that the economy is performing poorly?”

But let me tell you one thing, all his salaries, feeding, accommodation, travelling expenses and even his wife make up allowance are all taken care of by you and me. Does he even know the cost of a bag of flour/rice in the market? Does he know how much the mwananchi of Kima Cha Chini (KCC’s) suffer? So why won’t he see “recession” as just a new term? An accidental aide to the accidental leaders could afford to say that because he enjoys 24 hrs and doesn’t even pay the bill from his pocket. That is to tell you how criminally minded and hopelessly insensitive these politicians are.

A Tanzanian politician faces a huge challenge to strengthen intra-party democracy if it has to survive. They are obviously lack democracy and it seems the top leadership is holding on to their positions for self aggrandizement.

Following the debate, is the dramatic power struggle choking one of the country’s main opposition parties CUF. After his resignation as chairman last year, Prof. Lipumba now is trying to make a big U-turn to seek re-in-statement as the party’s leader. On his resignation as chairman he said about his personal ineffectiveness within his own party seeming to be hindrance to progress.

His stance and statement were taken by some serious political pundits as a sign of maturity for the opposition that has progressively become a patent force on Tanzania. But now Prof. Lipumba has come back to hold-suggesting that his resignation was a mistake and now he wants his post. It has since been twist and turns with party leadership blocking his bid.

Term limits are not any option in a functioning democracy, and our opposition leaders should walk their talk. The problem with politicians within the opposition was their tendency to think that just because they have invested a lot in terms of time and resources, no one should tell them to step down for other. The idea is Prof. Lipumba or nobody is like CUF. I am tired of this line of argument that without Prof. Lipumba, CUF will be finished. However, I will support any but what every member of his/her party should be doing is making sure they have a credible, free and fair selection to replace him and they must all be ready to accept the outcome rather that this unnecessary misunderstanding that if Prof. Lipumba or Maalim Seif fail the part fails. CUF is a political party and whoever the party brings out must be supported by every lover of party.

Like I said, I’ve got nothing but disdain for our politics. As for the rest of you who are being agents of our politicians to come online and mock Tanzanians who go to bed hungry by creating the wrong impression that this government is living up to expectation, permit me to remind you that I still reserve more respect for my neighbor’s pig than the lots of you hopeless morally. I hope you will be able to look your kids in the eyes and tell them how you mortgaged their future for a few shillings note and some bottle of bear accompanied with some plate of meat.

Your enemy is not that market woman who sells vegetables “mafungu ya mchicha” for Tsh 200, your enemy is that wicked, unscrupulous morally bankrupt politician masquerading as your representative.

So when next you wanna insult, bully, fight, kill and maim for that politician, think about all these and ask yourself if that politician would allow you close to his gate if he wins that election.

Wish you a fruitful weekend ladies and gents!ukawa

  1. Magembe says:

    Great insight 👏

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