Before We Create another Hitler in Tanzania

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Dear esteemed readers of my blog, I am writing this article as an ordinary citizen who isn’t a card carry member of any political party in this country, who loves his country, who duly understand constituted authority, who has passion on writing and criticize when he sees deem fit. Before I go far on this article I should convey my condolences to the families of our police who lost their lives as part of their work, fulfilling the obligation to protect us and our property. Our almighty God rest their soul in peace, Amen.

I understand that JPM’s government does not need to hear some concerns from citizens who are the ones who put them in power, not wanting to hear anything for an excuse to be given time to implement their party’s manifesto, I can assure you that isn’t a good sign for the fledgling democracy in this country. I recognize the good intentions of the President to bring us up and take us to a place we should be in every sector but he should acknowledge the other side or accept dislikes hearing and it is the fulfillment of democratic principles.

Fellow Tanzanians supporting your president and cheering him on even when it is clear he is progressing in error is not patriotism. It is treason because you are actually hurting your country by deceiving your president into thinking he is on the right track when you know he’s not.The best definition of patriotism is standing by your country. You don’t stand by your country by being a pathetic sycophantic ass-licking simpleton who defends every government action and inaction. No! You stand by your country by standing up to marginalization, injustice and nepotism even if they are coming from the highest level of government.For those of you whose voices sounded louder than that of John the Baptist during JK’s era but have since resorted to talk even when those things which you all frowned at then have all gotten worse under the current Magufuli’s government, I hope you are aware that your hypocrisy has earned you a place at the right hand side of uncle Lucifer? For choosing to play the ostrich by staying away from political talk at this critical time, you are not better than the pathetic sycophants pushing the country to Golgotha. I’d say you deserve an ‘Oscar’ for hypocrisy but I’m sure you already know that, don’t you? Your silence in the face of government, injustice, hate-induced killing of our police and unprecedented penury and severe hunger caused by government is an indictment on your moral standard. Silence in the face of injustice is an act of injustice itself.You are part of the problem, not the solution.

First, let’s get something very clear, the moment a democratically elected president begins to romance the idea that the powers he already has is not enough for him to effectively discharge his duties and as such, he must acquire more powers, trust me, that president is a certified dictator. There is really no euphemistic way of putting it.

Forget the semantics, forget whatever sweet-sounding name it is garbed in, what president Magufuli is looking for is not the powers to heal our economy because most of the things mentioned in the speech which he delivered on 20th November, 2015 when inaugurating the New Parliamentary Session are things we don’t need any extra powers to do. What Magufuli is showing us for is the power abuse to usurp the duties of the Parliament and rule the country like some monarchy. We are not fools.

It’s like seeking a blanket approval a democracy is tantamount to asking to be allowed to rule with decree. How can a sitting president scare ONLY ADVERTISEMENT? In a democracy country? Where did president Magufuli get this kind of criminal audacity from? Before we allow anyone take us back to the 15th century, we will do well to remember that every dictator always starts with altruistic demeanor.

In Turkey, Reccep Tayip Erdogan asked and got emergency powers after the failed coup attempt. The Turkish people thought he wanted to exercise it in public interest but he actually used it to pursue vendetta and consolidate his hold on power, turning himself into a full blown tyrants. Today, some Turks are wishing the coup had succeeded.

In Germany, Adolf Hitler didn’t force his way to power. No! Matter of fact, Hitler came to power through legitimate means and with visions that seemed quite impressive. All the powers that turned Hitler to a dictator were acquired through democratic means.

Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933 after which he proceeded to forming his government. Weeks later, the Reichstag (German parliament building) was set ablaze by some crazy Dutch communist drifter. Hitler exploited the atmosphere of fear to convince the president to issue the “Reichstag Fire Decree” giving him powers to arrest and detain opponents without trial and censor the press. He would later convince the parliament to push through the “Enabling Act Of 1933” which gave him plenary powers to enact laws on his own. In a nutshell, the Reichstag (German parliament) surrendered its legislative powers to Adolf Hitler. He then abused those powers and turned Germany to a one party state and when President Hindenburg died, Hitler quickly consolidated his powers and we all know how it ended -the wars, the holocaust, etc.

On this direction we are heading not wanting to hear opponents of the government and I can simply say that we are just creating another Hitler. Gradually we will find ourselves entering into unnecessary conflict for no reason. The moment a president start tinkering with the idea of seeking sweeping powers to set aside some laws believe me, that president is a “follow-come” dictator who is of a very distant relation with the term ‘democracy’.

I wish to entreaties to follow the constitution and laws of the country. Each of us should be under the law without viewing space at our disposal so that we can go where we think we should be and keep the values of our nation PEACEFULLY.

Have a blessed day.

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