Magufuli has failed the test of leadership

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Chadema, Politics, Serikali, Uncategorized, zittokabwe

Following the news of incidents arising from Zanzibar constitution conflict these nearly days. I state unequivocally, that president Magufuli has again failed the test of leadership.


For any reason, A society would have disputes, (political, industrial etc), agitations, strikes etc. This is not the first time in history things like this will be happening and it wouldn’t be the last. No matter what you think, as a leader it is your responsibility to ensure truth. Even if the agitation is against you.

If truly Magufuli is committed to the unity of Tanzania, Zanzibar saga will not degenerate to this level. No committed leader who is interested in the unity of the country he presides over will see democratic raping and will not call for a meeting and discussion. As a true and responsible leader, things must be done, and what is being done must be seen by all, to be done properly and on time. 

On his retirement Hon. Amani Abeid Karume, He called Hon. Maalim Seif and we are aware what the big legacy for him was taking his time to talk to the opposition regarding the country’s peace. And as we know when Karume (Amani) was President, and we had the occupy Zanzibar, Karume and Seif was on marathon meetings with stakeholders, Day and night.

Guys, these are leaders. I’m sorry Magufuli is not a leader. He does not believe in the unity of the Tanzania he governs. At this point, he does not need to assign anyone to do this. He should be the person talking not Dr. Shein or other retired president.

The Zanzibar constitution conflict is subject to various political and sectional/partisan interpretations; But it is expected that, Magufuli ceases to veiw things from partisan perspective the moment he became president. Since he still sees things from partisan perspective, (5% and 95%) up till this moment, it is clear that he does not possess the basic credentials for the kind of leadership Tanzania should have at this time. 

If he doesn’t respond after now, it is an afterthought; He’s not a proactive leader.

I insist that Magufuli have failed this test of leadership.

This is the way I see it.



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