Democracy in Tanzania!

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

This might help Tanzanians to understand the cognition of democracy in Tanzania.

Holiness must have a philosophical and theological foundation, namely, Divine Truth; otherwise it is sentimentality and emotionalism. Many would say later on, “We want religion, but no creeds”. This is like saying we want healing, but no science of medicine; music, but no rules of music; history, but no documents. Religion is indeed a life, but it grows out of truth, not away from it. It has been said it makes no difference what you believe; it all depends on how you act. This is psychological nonsense, for a man acts out of his beliefs.

A bulk of Politicians in Tanzania want to practice democracy but without its cross. Yes they want to conform to the universal demand for a government of the people but not willing to accommodate its practical demands. Its like saying “Can’t you see we have democracy? but deep inside it is only a tool of perpetuating the needs of a few that see leadership as a means of taking their share from the mythical “national cake” rather than meeting up to the needs of the people. When a democracy loses its moral sense, it ends up as a tool of tyranny and if anyone supports such a system, he has indeed sided with the oppressor, but if you also decide to remain neutral in such a moral decadence, the worst and hottest place in hell will be reserved solely for you.


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