No Game Left!

Posted: September 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Early in his presidency, I presumed that President Kikwete was simply trying to consolidate power, and would fight for Tanzania and Tanzanians shortly. I anticipated that such man should understand what the nation needed, and would fight a good fight for his country as soon as he had a good grip on the nation’s political sword. Now, it appears the forlorn president has played all of his political cards, and has no game left on his ideological table. It is clear that the man at the wheel of the nation’s ship has lost his moral compass, and the country is recklessly approaching the precarious iceberg of dissolution. The whole world can comprehend this, except the men and women who benefit from the rot in the regime, and those who support him on the basis of ‘he is from our network.’

Abdul Noor


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