Posted: September 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Dear ladies and gents.

While being unthankful to our fathers’ generation for denying us an enviable Tanzania, we should be ashamed of our own generation for sustaining the corrupt culture in the land. Justifiably, our children’s generation won’t be grateful, if we fail to bequeath a desirable Tanzania to them. This should be the era of atonement for my generation; an age of paradigm and attitude change toward the Motherland. This should be an epoch for the Tanzanians who applaud unethical politicians, on the bases of regional, religious, and political affinities, to repent and place their country first. Irrespective of your education, you are not cultured if you keep supporting listening their political separation, who are robbing your children of their future. Your edification is inconsequential if you root for corrupt office-bearers on the ground that they are from your political group.


  1. Hamida says:

    Umekua mwanasiasa siku hizi. Gombea udiwani kwenu Tabata Kimanga Kisukuru Mheshimiwa. But you are doing fine.

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