TANZANIA POLITICS: An Idiot Hungry Priest!

Posted: September 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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A couple of disclaimers will suffice…. Read with the usual caution and seek out more balance as necessary.

I am UKAWA supporter. I am not yet a card carrying member of any political party in this beloved nation but if I were to join one today, it would be CHADEMA without a doubt.

This is not because CHADEMA is a party filled with wonderfully glorious men and women without a single blemish to their name but mainly because I see in the party, a growing mass of people who subject their decisions to some form of rigorous intellectual scrutiny.

Many Tanzanians complain of unemployment, electricity and total decay in infrastructure, yet they refuse to make a change.  I will never join any stupid transformation agenda to promote stupidity, some say Kikwete is working but he is being sabotaged by some of his friends who have infiltrated his government, he promised to build our economy by his slogan “A better life for Tanzanian”, many stupid Tanzanians don’t keep records, if his friends are frustrating him, why not put them in jail? He is the commander in chief of the armed forces. If you are number one and you are crying, what should the common man do? Better go and sit down let someone else do it. One idiot hungry priest, paid by CCM, went too far criticizing UKAWA and Lowassa, he wants to convert all Tanzanians to bagers, in my mind I asked myself “are you saying if Tanzania is governed by CCM and we are suffering, we should allow them  to continue because they are the ones?” the idiot priest claimed Lowassa was selected to represent UKAWA by infidelities, may God punish you, if Tanzania wish to be governed by the same mind our  future isn’t guaranteed, I do remember when God chose David to lead the Israelites, he never departed from him, David killed Goliath, when Jesus Christ was sent to deliver us, the devil did not succeed in tempting him, I pity every Tanzanian youth that joins the priest, you have sold your future, I was very little (in politics) when Lowassa was Prime Minister. I knew the condition of Tanzania then. Don’t rely on my information, don’t be biases just go to Google and search for Edward Lowassa’s leadership as Prime Minister, read the good and bad, compare with what the priest revealed and make your choice. Average Tanzanians are very corrupt that’s why all these thieves in government will do anything to stop Lowassa including all contenders and politician. It is only Lowassa that can bring a Tanzania that is just and where corruption can no longer trespasses into our institutions and national behavior and a Tanzania where our diversity could be used for our national prosperity. We should bare in our mind that Tanzania is our home, let us now turn it into the great nation, we know it can and should be….

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Its your boy

Abdul Noor


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