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Have you ever asked yourself what your man is doing when you leave him home alone? My wife she is going away with the girls for the entire weekend! I’m thinking to myself…Oh it’s about to go down!!! She gives me a hug and a kiss and says “I love you!” and walks out the door. Suddenly the ceiling opens up, the sun begins to shine in, and I begin jamming in my head. I’m high stepping! But let me enjoy it because guess what. I GOT THE HOUSE AND WEEKEND TO MYSELF! Now if I can just figure out what to do next….hmmmm?

Friday Night

Maybe I will go to the bar, or a lounge or club with some of my boys. By the time I even get my thoughts together it’s like 8:00pm though and I’ve already yawned twice and suddenly that beer in the fridge and the football replay game on TV seems more and more appealing. Now instead of getting dressed for a night out on the town now, I’m sitting on my favorite part of the couch with shorts and a t-shirt on watching the playoffs. Then suddenly I open my eyes just to realize that it’s midnight and I missed the entire second half. Dag! So I just roll over and stay asleep. Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

Well don’t judge me because guess what…I still GOT THE HOUSE AND WEEKEND TO MYSELF!

Saturday Morning

Okay Saturday morning comes and I can’t go out like a sucker because I fell asleep last night. I can’t get the weekend to myself and not go into man mode and go hit the streets….or can I? Okay so I wake up and get in a quick workout so I can make sure I’ve got some swagger for when I make my grand appearance back on the scene today. Although my intention isn’t to find another woman I should at least be able to turn a head or two shouldn’t I? As I walk into the house I realize the yard looks a mess. My woman has been asking me to tend to it for weeks. Okay I have the entire day to myself so I might as well go ahead and take care of the compound…oh and while I’m at it I’ll put those curtains up that she has been bugging me about for a while now too. Since I’m already in the zone though let me turn this music up and vacuum this house. I hope you didn’t catch me singing and dancing to that old school Temptations song that came on some local radio stations while I was getting it in. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone, I only do it when I GOT THE HOUSE AND WEEKEND TO MYSELF!

Saturday Night

Whew… now I’m a little tired and I think a nap is in order before I have my exciting evening and night out on the town! I wake and WOW it’s already like 7:00pm and I’m hungry so let me order “Ndizi Utumbo” or something. It’s my guilty pleasure because the wife loves to cook the healthy stuff! …”chips mayai” gets eaten…now I’m full. I call my friends up and they say meet them out at 10:00pm. Remember I’m full though and my bed time is usually 11:00pm so yeah you guessed it…9:15 hits and I send out a text saying… “Y’all have fun guys; I’m not going to make it out tonight.” Another night with me, my “Ndizi Utumbo”, my beer, and my television and you know what…I’m perfectly fine because I GOT THE HOUSE AND WEEKEND TO MYSELF!

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning rolls around and it hits me. I miss my woman! No I don’t miss her cooking and cleaning and doing stuff for me, I miss her presence and her spirit. I miss her touch, her hug, and her kiss. I’m even hoping that she ends up coming home a little early. I thought that I would have the most exciting weekend ever, but really I just enjoyed some time to myself and ultimately realized that I miss my best friend, my wife.

So what’s my point? My point is that as men we need our space and our time to have no pressure or obligations. When you leave for the weekend instead of thinking that we are out partying or looking for other women, just realize that most times we are just enjoying the time alone, with our beer, on our couch, watching the game. The most important thing to remember though is that at the end of the day we miss y’all! All we care about is that WE GOT THAT HOUSE AND THE WEEKEND TO OURSELVES!

P.S. Note that if you want to get something done around the house your best bet might be to just leave us alone for the weekend. You might come back to a renovated house! HAHAHAHAH

© Abdul


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