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There are definitely some myths/lies that I believe women have been swallowing hook, line, and sinker over the years, and that’s because they force themselves to believe these things that they seemingly become true but all its lies! I even feel some of them are propagated by some men… so here goes: 

ALL MEN ARE THE SAME – All men are not the same, just the way all women are not the same. Physically and character-wise. Some men are short, others are tall, some are respectful, others aren’t. All men are not the same and we should refrain from making these bogus generalizations. Women that say this have been dealt a terrible blow and may have had similar experiences with a particular kind of guy. All men are not the same, maybe it’s the kind of guys you have been meeting! Change lane.

ALL MEN CHEAT– This is not true just because all men are not the same! We find men propagating these lies, whats even worse? Women join the bandwagon too! Why should all men cheat? Haba! Cheating is a character flaw, a man that cheats cannot keep his word and cannot exercise self control, I don’t want to believe that all men would cheat. I’ve had discussions with some girls that believe that all men must cheat, sooner or later in a relationship. Its about time we stop swallowing that lie guys, I would like to give the male species some benefit of doubt that not all of them are like that, this is totally disrespectful to the good men out there. Men can be monogamous.

I was speaking with this dude and he kept insisting that men cannot be monogamous, I agreed with him and told him that women too cannot be monogamous, that there must be a spare tyre, he vex ehn. He said “I can cheat on my wife my wife dare not cheat on me, women are not programmed that way”.

MEN ARE NOT EMOTIONAL – Men are emotional. I even suspect that they are more emotional than females! Some guys are big babies, and their feelings get hurt too just like women. The difference is, some of them don’t carry it on their forehead. Men cry. Men get scared. Men don’t have the answers every time. Men are emotional too, they just express their feelings differently. If a woman is scared her reaction might be to cry, a scared man will most probably fight what is scaring him. Men have been socialized to suppress excessive, outward emotion.

MEN THINK ABOUT SEX 24/7 – This is definitely not true, there is a time for everything. Given the right conditions a man would think about sex, as would a woman; it’s all about the environment. There’s a time to think about money, there is a time to think about work, there’s a time to think about politics, there’s even time to think about sports, but sex 24/7? That cannot be true! There’s really no good reason why you should believe that men are thinking so much more about sex all the time and even more than women.

OLDER MEANS MATURE – The fact that a man is older does not mean he is mature; you will find guys that are 40 years but still act like teenagers. I believe this is why women are advised to marry older men, because a 25 year old lady is probably more mature than a 30 year old guy with all his bia bia. I hear girls mature quicker than boys. However, I believe that maturity is not just about age, regardless of gender. It’s about common sense and experience.

MEN WILL DIE IF THEY DON’T HAVE SEX – I heard this one way back in my school days, and now that I think of it, it sounds very silly. I was told that when a guy is aroused he has to have sex if not his kini will break or burst or whatever! Isn’t that scary? It was termed as the point of“no return”. Dear guys, I am sure you will tell us that this is certainly not true.

ALL MEN INTIMIDATED BY SUCCESSFUL WOMEN – Men are not intimidated by strong successful women. I believe a correct guy will love a strong woman. Some guys don’t want strong, confident and independent women. This is because they themselves are not strong, confident, independent men. An immature and insecure guy would most probably be intimidated, and that also depends on the manner such a woman portrays herself: is she overbearing? Is she domineering? Is she rude? Is she condescending? You can look at this issue from different sides: A man may be intimidated by a successful woman because she’s too domineering for him OR he feels he is not good enough for her standards.

There are more lies women believe about men, but na here I go match break, now over to you, tell me more! Have a blessed Sunday ladies and gents.

Baba Junior


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