FRIDAY QUESTION: Does a man with an erection has no sense?

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I nearly going through some blog comments on divorces in the Bongo Flava and Bongo Movies industries  and you know how comments can be: some are off point, while some just expand the topic at hand but they all centered around cheating. The first comment I read that drew me back was:

A man with an erection has no sense and the context in which it was written was this: if a man wants to have sex he can do it with whoever, whenever and wherever” Is this true? I don’t agree, it makes men look like dogs that have no brain or self control. Men, make una talk oh! Defend yourselves.

The second comment was directly about husband snatching. “Men are not property! No one can ‘steal’ your husband without his consent so if your hubby is nicked from you then the blame lies with him not the woman! ”

I very much agree with this comment. Cheating is a choice unless the man was jazzed and even if he was jazzed it’s because he opened himself to be jazzed “if the wall has no cracks lizards cannot penetrate” …That’s why it baffles me when women attack other women when the man is found cheating. Should you not be facing the person that broke his vows? Feel free to agree or disagree.

The third comment I read was this “I am a Tanzanian man and I want you to take this to the Bank. 95% of Tanzanian men would never let go of a woman they deflowered as their wife”…He went on to say “I am not saying they won’t cheat on her o but they will adore and cherish her die”!  LOL. What is adoration? What is being cherished if there’s no respect? If you truly adore and cherish someone, you won’t cheat on them via, pocket your adoration.

It’s all fine and goodTanzanian men want to marry virgin but are busy dis-virgining other babes and future wives. I do not believe that love is conditional on if the babe is a virgin or not, there are people who have married prostitutes and love them just as much if not more than the virgin brides…virginity is not a condition for love. True love is unconditional…. Please, don’t go and misquote me oh, I did not say that you should not be a virgin bride, I’m just saying it is not a condition for love. Be good girls 🙂

You can choose to agree or disagree with any of the comments above. I’m waiting!


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