Appreciate what is in hand!

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Loving oneself and others from our sacred heart space is so simple and natural. And yet….we often confuse the true meaning of love with attachment. True love can be felt and expressed when you function from the space of “How can I make myself and others happy” while false attachment feels like “Why aren’t you making me happy?”

It’s all about how we choose to feel and vibrate from when meeting a potential new partner or working out differences with our current partners. Asking questions like “If I allow this potential boyfriend/girlfriend into my life, will they be a contribution to the expansion of my heart and the quality of my life?” and then just being still and waiting for the awareness to appear without pushing, trying, or efforting at all. The “no action-no mind” way of being is probably a much easier way to live in this reality unless you’ve become addicted to pain and suffering in your relationships?

What I’ve recently remembered (yet again) is that there is no other time but living in the now to fully appreciate and experience love. When we bring our emotional baggage filled with past resentments, betrayal, abandonment, wounds, and rejection with us, we can’t experience a higher love in the present. When our busy minds are filled with expectations about how the “other” person we’re involved with can make our lives better or validate us, we set ourselves up for massive disappointment and also cannot fully be present and available to enjoy sharing a kiss, receiving a massage, or allowing someone to serenade us while holding us in their arms.

Clinging to another person or expecting them to rescue or save us is always a recipe for disaster. Instead of going there, can you perhaps fill yourself up with so much love, adoration, and nurturing that the right people can find you that can be the perfect vibrational match for you. We can only attract and manifest people who are our mirror.

When we cannot seem to feed our souls and nurture our sweet hearts, no one outside of us will be able to either.

Everywhere you carry past programs, trauma, or stress around with you in your cells, molecule, and entire being which keeps re-creating these patterns in your relationships that don’t serve you and make you feel less than loveable ( a total lie).

Everywhere you are willing to honor yourself and others by making different choices with who you choose to be intimate with that would honor who you are on every level of your being.

Everything you have just uncreated and re-created that can set you free of the pain of the past and help you remember you are LOVE made of LOVE.


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