NYERERE DAY: We Wish You Were Alive!

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Chadema, Noor, Politics, Rai, Serikali, zittokabwe

Today is the 15th commemoration of our Founding Father, Mwalim Julius Kambarage Nyerere’s death, we are celebrating sacrifices which he and others made for us to be a nation. Were it not for their sacrifices, Tanzania would not be what it is today. You look at this continent and you see many nations in turmoil, but we have been an island of peace and a beacon of hope to many. Tanzania was built on principles of unity, patriotism and selflessness. For us to succeed, we must pull together and we must unite. Yes, we are a democratic society entitled to our different opinions but we should not allow those differences to tear the nation apart.

Ultimately, though, our political future is up to the voters. The digital age empowers all of us. But with great power comes great responsibility, especially to ourselves to learn more about the world outside of our information bubbles.

Today, Tuesday 14 October, we mark officially in Tanzania as your day (Nyerere Day), observed to mark the date day in 1999 when the First President of post-colonial Tanganyika and later Tanzania died in a London hospital.

The lessons that the current generation of leaders, especially the young, could take from the life and times of you Mwalimu Nyerere would include the fact you lived in times that were characterised by an atmosphere of post-world war human optimism associated with the triumph of the anti-fascist forces over the evil global designs of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

Mwalimu, TCD’s agreement with President Kikwete was reached taking into account that the CA would probably fail to get two thirds majority votes from each side of the Union, which is a legal requirement for passing the Proposed Constitution. But that fear is no longer there. Already we have the Proposed Constitution, which is only subject to a referendum to get authenticity as a new Constitution of Tanzania or otherwise. Should we go for a referendum before the general election as per Prime Minister’s suggestion or wait until after 2015 as was agreed by TCD and President Kikwete? Which option between the two makes more sense in terms of time, costs and convenience?

I do believe Tanzania is unique if we have Leaders who see far or beyond and to think the future of our fellow Tanzanians and strong Democratic!

We still crying and wish you were present, ongoing now we wish you to bind, leaders often lack discretion , they are people to look at personal interests and their families, have failed to understand that there is a day coming generations will question on their administration.

Mungu akupumzishe katika nyumba yako ya milele na mwanga wa bilele akuangazie.


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