Faith…but Not in Man!

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m writing this blog tonight to share with the world what I have learned today. Well, maybe not “learned” but reminded of…

I had a day today that at one point I described to my friend Sarha as “having my faith in Man-kind rattled.” Just that statement alone makes all the details meaningless and irrelevant to say the least through all of the cluttered details and pursuant emotions I was left with a bit of a hole to fill in my own confidence in man.

Because I have and will continue to have such a high standard for the people that I work with, it tends to set me up to be disappointed at times…very much like a father in a family feels. Today, I felt disappointment…because I have put my team on a pedestle even though I know that they are human beings that make mistakes.

I reached out on Twitter and said that I “need help restoring my faith in Man-kind” because I thought that’s what I actually needed. I received message after message from people who I know and barely know and they were all amazing. (Thank you ALL for them) I was beginning to feel better…people are people, right? They make mistakes, right? That doesn’t mean that they are bad people, right?

The last message I got tonight was from my sister in-law. I have no idea why she was even texted but she was supposed to do…clearly. She reminded me of a bible verse that says – “Put your trust in NO man, trust ONLY in God.” Little did she know that it was the 3rd time that I have heard those exact words in one week. For whatever reason, they weren’t “perfectly relevant” when I heard them the 1st and 2nd times. My girlfriend sent me an e-mail before we went out of town last week and the entire power-point slide revolved around that exact message. Earlier TODAY, while talking to one of my best-friends, she reminded me of the SAME message.

I’m not a guy that wants to convince you of anything…I want to present you with a few facts though.

The shortest chapter in the bible is: Psalm 117
The longest chapter in the bible is: Psalm 119
The chapter that is in the CENTER of the bible is: Psalm 118 (there are 594 chapters BEFORE Psalm 118 and 594 chapters AFTER Psalm 118.)
The center VERSE in the bible is Psalm 118:8 – Which reads “It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.”

HEAVY, right?!?!?! I’m just saying…THAT is WILD!! There is no more perfect message for me today.
Men and women will let us down…it’s what we’re supposed to do! We’re humans! We make mistakes! I can rest now…knowing where my own personal focus should remain.

Now…people that work for me……..need to know that I know that they will make mistakes…they had just better make sure the big ones don’t happen on my clock.

I’ll probably read ‘em a bible verse about forgiveness as I ask them to pack their things and go.

I will continue to pursue righteousness in this world because my little boy (Junior) needs that of me…he’s gonna be let down by a lot of women. He’s going to need to have all of the tools that are necessary to make sense of this crazy world.



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