Whatsapp Perception!

Posted: August 2, 2014 in Uncategorized

Morning buddies!

THESE DAYS TEXT messaging seems to be entirely functional. If you want to communicate in a fun way, it’s all about Whatsapp. The messaging service has lots of us getting involved in group chats, some of which go on for years and involve lots of friends.

Whenever we tend to change our behavior, opinions, attitudes, and in dealing with reality or in front of other people think there is a perception that you have to give them the ability to think or review according to the majority, which grouped around you especially telling yourself on some criteria or factors.

When I used to move on, Umoja Village impressed with a young man who seems dig out done a lot for the coalition but was destroyed by one of the features of the rogue appearance in everything. His history I read through facebook tells me as inform but not his crime involved with the group. And at the end they wanted someone to put his phone to join a group of Umoja Village in WhatsApp. I did so and integration leadership. Upon entering I grew up very listener as a guest so that I know people who are in it as they can be different from the other groups. Whenever you enter there are grounds its inception as it is our unity that is based inception, with a very good commitment to the community especially to have unity. In exceeding the normal state, we are united we shape, behavior, attitudes and goals different from others. Actions of other people telling us customs and acceptable in the situation. Others inform us of what is right to do, how to live in the new state.

In addition to conforming our behavior in some of the group due to lack of knowledge, over time we should be united loving and desiring to equip one focus group. This type of variable, visionally is a great way to focus on the social when someone is giving something to measure your knowledge and also measure your fellow group members react, my concern is about conveying a good impression in front of the group. I believe some may disagree with some things but that doesn’t make you believing what you believe. Required when it comes to group cooperate best of our ability. I know we’re in different places but if the idea is to unite us and that they grew the same thing will go wrong no such notions continue always and I believe there are better things ahead.

Don’t allow a few secrets of the best views openly admit to such views openly to the group, we can also adopt the position of the groups, clearly would grow up and hidden.
As with any social activity, there are always going to be some people who don’t really get the etiquette. Here are the worst things people do in some Whatsapp group.

People who fail to realise that they can use our unity to chat one on one are a nightmare. There’s nothing worse than watching two members of the group dissect an event they attended, or plan the logistics of a night out that you’re not involved in.


Want to have an in-depth talk about a play you went to? A football game you enjoyed? A group chat is not the place to do it if on a couple of you were involved.

Not cool, man.

Come on! This is a conversation! If you don’t want to be here make your excuses and leave. There’s nothing creepier than someone lurking in the background, watching everything that’s going on and saying nothing. Don’t be that creep.

When someone new is added into a group, it’s a big deal. The dynamics change, and everyone has to adjust. If you are deemed special enough to be added to a group, it is the height of rudeness to leave without contributing anything.

We’ve heard tell of some workplace Whatsapp groups that people are autmoatically added to when they start.

THIS IS NOT COOL. As already mentioned above, it’s not ok to leave a group without contributing, so you’re essentially stuck there.

It is unkind to send people gross pictures that they don’t want to see, but it’s especially unkind on our unity. Y’see, unless you’re clever with the settings, all the images you receive are automatically saved to your device.

What other things do people do that bother you in your group chats?

I remain


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