Positive Wednesday!!

Posted: July 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

You hear it everywhere you go, throughout the media, at work, at the store, when you’re out with your friends, people are always talking about how there are no good men left, or how bad their relationship with their significant other has turned out to be. As a Relationship Coach, my goal is to give people the tools they need to make better decisions (based on generally accepted principles) for themselves, which in turn will help them make better decisions in their personal and professional relationships.

Every Wednesday, I want to hear your success stories. I want to hear how happy you are in your relationship, how satisfied you are with your significant other, how much you value the friendship you’ve built with together, and how much LOVE is amongst the two of you. Does your relationship possess “The 7 habits of highly effective relationships” (According to me)? Respect, Love, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Support, and Communication. The odds are against us, but on “Positive Wednesday’s” we are going to BEAT those negative odds. Who’s with me? Post your success stories today! If you’ve been able to find success through my blog posts I’ve had, feel free to mention how I’ve been able to help you as well.

If you are not in a positive relationship, I encourage you to continue to work on being positive (yourself) and working on bettering yourself. Your time will come. In the mean time, reach out to someone you know who’s in a happy/healthy relationship or marriage, and ask them to post their story. Let’s work together on this; we don’t have enough successful relationship stories in our lives, so I encourage you to share these blog with everyone you know, so that the people in happy/healthy relationships can give us all hope for the future.

Remain yours


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