Happy Birthday My Titii

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

My love,

I’ve spent hours trying to come up with something nice and creative to say to you today, but nothing sounded more true than wishing you a happy day, because happiness is the key word for success, contentment, joy and achievement.

And that is what I wish you, today and always, because your happiness is my joy; and because your success is a good sign that I’m succeeding in giving you my love, affection and tranquility in order for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

You are a wonderful person and I feel so happy to be yours, watching you grow every day and growing with you, realizing that, just by being with you, time is not a burden but an important element for deepening the way we perceive the world, its mysteries and meaning.

Today I wish a lot of things. I want you to receive this letter as a confirmation of my so often declared love. I want your soul to be filled with the hope to face the many years to come. I want you to have all the reasons in the world to smile and none to be sad. I want you to have the best, always. But, what I want the most, what I would really like, is to be close to you as soon as possible, so that, with a big kiss from me, you would also receive the wish for happiness that lies in my soul in this very moment.

Again, happy birthday, my love.


Ba Trisha


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