Drama Queens-makes the worst girlfriends!

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Drama Queens-makes the worst girlfriends!

At first, when a guy meets a girl, he may not immediately know she is a Drama Queen. At first, she seems pretty normal, but as the relationship develops her inner Queen comes out in full-force. Guys may put up with her manipulative tactics, constant need for attention and juvenile head games. But when the light bulb goes off and he realizes what she is really up to he sees right through her like a clean panel of glass. Fortunately for him, this is where the relationship ends.

Drama Queens make the worst girlfriends because there is no pleasing them. Their self-esteem and insecurity is so bad that no matter how loving, attentive or nice the guy is, it never satisfies her. A Drama Queen needs more and more and is like a bottomless pit. Her behavior tends to escalate though out the relationship and becomes more and more melodramatic. His friends and family finally have to speak up because they can see how unhappy he is and how over the top the Drama Queens behavior is.

At first, the Drama Queen may try and ingratiate herself to his friends and family. At first it may come across as sweet… he is so important to her, and so are his friends and family. However, she then begins to use those friends and family members as bit players in her childish games. If the couple has a fight, the Drama Queen just doesn’t talk to her friends and family about it, she talks to his friends and family about it. She tries to come off as the sweet innocent victim who is just misunderstood….all in an effort to get their help. The Drama Queen will use his friends and family to take her side of the argument/fight (so she can win) or get their assistance in getting back together after a break up.
Drama Queens do not let things go. They are like pit bills with a bone. They will not let go until they have what they want. They behave like children when they don’t get their way and will hang up the phone on you, slam doors, scream, and have temper tantrums over the littlest things. At first, guys may give in just to have peace, but after a while he tires of her acting out and doesn’t take her seriously. Her behavior starts to embarrass him and he begins to question himself for being with someone he is now labeling “psycho”.

When he wants to do innocent things like watch the game at his friends house, she will start fights, make up some sort of “crisis” where he cannot go and needs to be with her, or plot revenge on him for “doing that to her”. What did he do to her? Watch a game with this friend? The Drama Queen does not see it that way, she sees it as though he sees her ALL THE TIME he doesn’t spend enough time with her.

At first, a guy may try and do whatever he can to please his Drama Queen. There comes a point when he realizes he can’t please her, believes no man could possibly please her, and he stops trying. The Drama Queen senses her tactics are no longer working so she pulls out all the stops. Now the really psycho behavior comes out. It is very rare that a relationship with a Drama Queen happens without a big blowout at the end. She has gone too far now, and he has had it.

Drama Queens make the worst girlfriends because there is no chance of ever having a healthy sane relationship with one. A guy can find himself resorting or tolerating behavior he never thought possible. A past relationship with a Drama Queen can leave a guy with a lot of baggage and bad habits that he brings to his future relationships. If you are dating a Drama Queen, it is time to let them go. If you are a Drama Queen it’s time for you to grow up, behave like an adult, and stop sabotaging every relationship you get in!

Noor I remain


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