Pain Is Love, More Pain Is True Love!

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Uncategorized

Pain Is Love, More Pain Is True Love!

One of the hardest decisions you will ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away from that person you have shared good moments with because he or she is hurting you right now, or stick around and try harder because of the beautiful memories you’ve both created.

The sounding part of your heart tells you to move on but the silent part tells you to hold on that he or she will change his or her ways…

Now at this stage you heart will probably be melting with too much pain, you are likely to start seeking for advice from friends… But still at the end it’s you to decide on what to do. It’s your heart to be in control.

You cry, you fail to sleep; to eat and so on because you can’t afford to lose that person who came into your life and gave you so much to remember. Your life totally changes, you start limiting yourself from many things, you start keeping yourself indoor because you feel that you don’t fit in other happy people out there, You start wishing and admiring other happy couples. Friends, that’s what they call TRUE LOVE!

TRUE LOVE hurts and it’s very hard to be found but the best advice is to always listen to your heart and follow it. If it tells you to quit that relationship that is causing you so much emotional and psychological trauma and move on, please do and if it tells you to hold on then stick around with that man or woman of yours . . . .No pain, No gain.

Here’s what a friend of mine “Jenny” has to say about TRUE LOVE:

“I believe true love is very real. The question is, are we prepared to CREATE it? Most of us are conditioned to believe that true love HAPPENS to us…effortlessly. My experience has been that romantic love happens effortlessly. The meeting of the eyes that lights a fire inside can happen without your consent, which could be the ENTRY point to true love or to a grand love affair that prepares you for the true love waiting in the wings. Many of us have equated that intoxicating, romantic feeling to true love. But true love is not created only in the intoxicating romance. True love is mostly created in the troubles, storms, misunderstandings, and deceptions where love is no longer romantic but excruciating. Love is created in forgiveness and in the maturity of accepting the human nature of ourselves and our partner. If you can survive these stages through your fight and growth for love…then TRUE LOVE will reveal itself because it becomes the stuff that CREATES long lasting relationship.”

Remember this… When we engage in the dance of love…we are all dancing blindly. We are ALL students of love, learning from one another. Be patient with the inevitable pains our ignorance delivers, and be willing to see the positive in everything. No relationship is a wasted time, it is either a blissful experience or a lesson learnt.



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