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Hoping you’re very normal!
Here I am, in the office, Questions flooding my mind about the lingering subjects of religion, society, politics, relationships and life!

On Religion, I wonder:

So many churches and mosques,
Why are there still corrupt people?
Why are there fake pastors and imams?
Don’t they know the judgement they preach about will come?
Why do clerics lie to their congregation?
So many religious people but still no love!
Society gets me wondering:
We complain of bad leaders but then the smaller fragment called society steals and look for ways to hunt and hurt their neighbours,
But then the president and his ministers their corrupt?
Are there still role models in the society?
Who cares about that rolls tyre on the streets?
What future is there for whose parents don’t care?
Just how can an average Tanzanian family survive on only below USD 30 (equivalent Tshs 48,000) every month?
If only the society knew how much change they could bring, such ripple effect that will occur!
‘Politricks’ is the new order of the day,
The leaders of yesterday are still the leaders of today,
When I was younger, I was told I was going to be the leader of tomorrow,
When will the tomorrow of my generation come?
Why is it that the wrong things are now the accepted right things?
Who will re-orientate us?
Who will stand out to declared winner of the ward election by The Tanzanian National Electoral Commission but reject victory because He/she knew He/she won by ‘usanii usanii?
When will the Tanzanian of our dreams arise?

About Relationships, I am puzzled:

Why do we love the one that leaves us and leave the one who loves us?
Why are there so many broken homes and dysfunctional families?
Why is Jane always into herself, perhaps, she has been hurt and now scared of trusting anyone and everyone?
Why do people take people for granted, perhaps, the law of ‘see-finish’ holds true?
Why are we busy growing up that we forget our parents are growing old?
Why is it difficult to trust people?
Why can’t people make their words their bound?

Life itself presents just as many questions:

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why is it difficult to do good but very easy to do bad?
Why do people give up when they’re almost at the end of the tunnel?
Why do people want to take the short-cut in life which is usually not short on the long run?
Why do good people die with bad people?
Who has answers to my unending questions?

Please leave your comment and subscribe and to your friends.

Noor I remain, noor_abdul


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