Woman In Relationship!!

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Woman In Relationship!!

Every woman deserves the right man. A man made especially for her. A man who will pamper her, support her, her very own prince charming. It is one of your quests to find that special man that completes you and that is why you want to look good always; wear couture dresses, eat the right food and do exercises to be in good shape. You want to act and dress like a proper lady so as to attract a man that has standards, appreciates the good standards you have and not some miscreant. True that a man does the proposing but you (the woman) determines what the man is going to get from. A lady is like a beautiful and fresh flower, every fly wants to perch on it. The lady decides whether the man (likened to the fly) would want to extract from the flower or reside with the flower. Where you stand with a man is dictated by how you take control over every situation. You determine whether he sees you as either a wife material or a bang material. Every word said, every move said, every signal you give to a man determines whether he is going to keep you or just play you. In essence, you control what fate you face in every relationship you go into. Dating for me is a lot like business, the best way to be successful is to control things that you have control over. In other words, you can’t control things you don’t have power over and to have to power over these, we have to understand them very well and master them well.

As a woman, the first and most important thing you must have control over is yourself that is your image. How you conduct yourself, how you let a man approach you and talk to you all make up the kind of relationship you are going to have. For the almost perfect relationship you always want, you have to start with yourself. You have to gain the knowledge of who you are. Understand perfectly well what you represent as a woman and with understanding comes maturity. With maturity, you understand that for another person to love you like you want, you have to love yourself. As the saying goes, what you have in abundance is what you give to others. If you don’t love yourself, there is no way a man can truly love you like you deserve much less loving the man back to form a lasting relationship with him. If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always have something holding you back from being taken serious. A woman who doesn’t love herself will lack self confidence and very low self esteem. A woman with low self esteem will easily to succumb to what she is not supposed to, hereby making her a bang material.

Always understand the purpose for entering a relationship. You can only two purposes for entering a relationship; for yourself or for other reasons (The other reasons being peer-pressure, for monetary and material values, to satisfy your parents or siblings etc). The most important purpose for entering a relationship is for you. A man appreciates a woman who knows what she wants, a lady that has standards. Understanding your purpose of entering a relationship gives you a better perspective on what you want from a man. A man only wants three major things from a woman; Food, sex and peace of mind. Understanding your purpose for being in a relationship with a man determines whether he is going to get these three things from you or if he’s just going to use you as a sex toy. Build yourself to be a better person. The way you dress, act, talk determines whether your man is going to keep you as his main plan or just a back up plan. Be your own person. Build your character and your personality; this will determine the man’s attitude towards you.

The success of your relationship depends solely on you. You might be cute as a button and sexy as video queens, if you are not what the man wants in a wife, nothing can make him stay. The sex might make him stay with you but just for a while. A man will never take a woman who has problems with herself seriously. Love yourself, understand yourself, and build yourself. The package should be a plus; your content should always be your upmost concern.

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