So I Married A Big Man-Baby

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized



My dear husband will be undergoing surgery next week for carpal tunnel syndrome in his right hand.  With all his nonstop fretting and whining you’d think he was getting his entire arm amputated.

untitled (6)He throws around words like “recuperate” and “pre-op” and “anesthesia” like I haven’t been down this road many times myself. And just because I’m such a loving, understanding wife, I make sure to let him know this every chance I get.

Him: “Oh man, my surgery’s next week! I’m getting so nervous!”

Me (aka Loving Wife): “Oh? As nervous as I was when I had an entire human being ripped out of my abdomen, leaving me with 8 inches of stiches and staples?”

Him: “I wonder how long I’ll have to rest afterward. I think I’ll just have to lay around and watch movies for a few days, maybe a week. Y’know, take it easy.”

Me: “Oh yeah! Take it easy. Just…

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