Reasons Why Girls Flaunt Boobs On FaceBook!

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Reasons Why Girls Flaunt Boobs On FaceBook!

Some might say this is totally unnecessary…but indeed it’s an issue worth bothering about. While others could seemingly acknowledge the fact that such is becoming a trend among the female students in Tanzania’s tertiary institutions.

This piece, is not aimed at any person(s) whatsoever, actually brings forth the simple realities for this rising situation. Here’s notably 5 REASONS:

Reason 1: The feeling of INSECURITY among peers, in an intellectual terrain;

Reason 2: Priority for ATTRACTION rather than simple admiration;

Reason 3: The FEAR FACTOR of being on the losing end in relationships;

Reason 4: Misplacing CHEAP SLÚT with actual appreciable beauty;

Reason 5: Ultimately, POVERTY has made a deep cut through.

It’s really a shame. And these apply to others as well parading boobs in the open.

My Thought.

I remain Noor

  1. your right however people do forget about internet creeps/people who can access your info when they want to./your pretty for a girl. not being weird just complementing.

  2. ill start simple what is your name?

  3. are you going to respond?

  4. why wont you respond? are you scared to?

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