“I’m Sure God Exists”

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Life is about building relationships and leaving behind legacies; before you can begin to build a happy, healthy relationship with someone else, you first have to establish a happy, healthy relationship with God and make him a part of your life. Once you’ve found God, your next mission should be to keep him in your life and then later introduce him to others. Without God, your relationships will be limited to man’s physical strengths, as well as their weaknesses. Having a spiritual connection with God brings you closer to “you”, which puts you in a better position to connect with others.

There’s no doubt that God exists in this world. Many are disillusioned in the sense of who God is, where he can be found, and what he is capable of doing. This world is corrupted by sin, and in efforts to protect the people of the world, thought leaders have come up with a solution to inspire “good” in a way that would supersede the “evil” in the world. This introduction came in the form of “religion”. Religion is designed to bring people closer to the community, to inspire peace and love amongst one another, and to keep prosperity flowing within the businesses throughout the community.

In monitoring the decrease in hate, the increase in love, and the increase in sales amongst local businesses, statistics have proven that religion does in fact inspire hope, it instills values, and it brings people/families/businesses together. Good news spreads fast, so with this new practice (established by man) in existence, many communities would also introduce religion in hopes of bringing people/families/businesses closer together, and inspiring hope for the future. No matter the name that was placed on a religion in a particular community, what holds true is it’s “purpose”; to celebrate love and prosperity with one another!

The thought leaders of the community were men of the flesh, and could too become corrupt at any given time. With this in mind, they knew not to encourage the members of the community to trust in man, but to encourage them to trust in God (Love). For their teachings weren’t designed to bring the community closer to the teacher, the teachings were designed to bring them closer to God (Love). They had given “Love” a name, and they called him “God”. Love isn’t an actual person, but an act!

There is no force that can match the power of love; love cannot be defeated, it can only be repelled or embraced. Love is the wind we feel in the cool breeze, the water we drink to quench our thirst, the fire we use to cook our meals, the earth we continue to build our lives and legacies on, and most important of all, love is what we feel in our hearts. We need love in order to survive, and since God is love, we need God in order to survive!

To practice religion is to be a part of the church/mosque. And since the “people” are the church/mosque, no one person can practice a religion on their own. One must gather amongst like minds and fellowship “together” as one. To isolate oneself from the rest of the church/mosque and establish a relationship with God (Love) is to be “spiritual”. Spirituality is designed to bring an individual closer to finding love within themselves. Religion is designed to bring people closer to finding love and sharing it within the community. No matter whether a person is religious or spiritual, the desire to have a connection with God (Love) still stands.

No member of the community is forced to live a life inspired by God (Love), however it is greatly encouraged. As a member of the church/mosque, seek out those who are in need of God (Love) and extend an invitation in hopes that they too can spread love amongst the people they encounter. The church/mosque serves as an escape from the world’s darkness, cruelty, and sin! Help others walk into the light in efforts to help lift their spirits, to give them hope, and to give them something to believe in.

Us humans can never be Gods, because our flesh is weak and we are susceptible to sin/hurt/harm/danger. God (Love) is immune! God can only live in us, and we can only hope to forever be in his “likeness” and love everything that we come in contact with no prejudice. The Power of God lies not in a man’s supernatural abilities, but in his ability to influence himself and the world around us by leading with his heart, and using his mind to inspire others through his words. For a man to be able to persuade a flock of people to do as he encourages them to, when he encourages them to do it, under the authority of God (Love) is none other than “The Power of God” (The Power of Love).

A man who knows his own strength uses no force. He instead uses his mind to outsmart those who are forceful! We all are born with the power of God (Love), but somewhere along our journey in life, we lose ourselves, and become influenced by The Devil (Hate) and the beliefs of others. When you’re lost, seek direction, and take however long it takes to find yourself and finding the God (Love) in you. Finding yourself means you’re not looking for others. A man who finds God (love) within himself achieves the deepest. If love and happiness can be found inside of you, you’ll never go a day without it! Once you’ve found yourself, and are emotionally available to love someone else, look for a church/mosque (i.e. Like minded people) and spread love throughout the world!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of man who possesses “The Power of God”. He led from the heart and captivated the hearts and minds of millions of people in our generation! To be “God-like” as the bible calls it, references one’s path towards loving everything in his path and encouraging their audience to love one another. This blueprint is designed to help the men of the world carry themselves with dignity and respect, to love all, and to treat others the way they would like to be treated according to the will of God (Love).

This Power of Love can not be credited to any mortal. The Power of Love is none other than God, for God is love. Without God (love) that date that led to a kiss, that led to a relationship, that led to a marriage, that led to a beautiful child, would not have been possible. God is working in our lives and many of us don’t even know it because we are disillusioned in the sense of who God is, where he can be found and what he is capable of doing. We are blinded by the supernatural events that take place and the miraculous stories that motivational speakers, Rev, Sheikh, etc speak of in their sermons. Our pride won’t let us believe that what gets us through our trials and tribulations is nothing but God (Love).

To go against the will of God (Love) is to commit a sin. Once you stop loving, you’ll start hating. Once you stop hating, you’ll start loving. For a man to come out of a terrible situation plagued with misery, defeat, pain, and not give credit to God (Love) is to commit a sin against God (Love). To take credit for the power of God (Love) insists that man can do the impossible. Without God (Love), man’s power is limited to his physical strength. For only God (Love) can fully control the winds, stir large bodies of waters, quake the earth, engulf in flames, and fill any and every heart with love. No man has that kind of power!

Any leader who fancies himself a God must either prove his supernatural abilities or be removed from power, for he is not worthy to lead a flock of people (who trusts and believes in a higher power). He still needs to find himself and discover what God (Love) is all about. Man must not be so self absorbed, that he forgets his mission to love himself and everyone else; leading them closer to God (Love), not “man”. For man has been around for centuries. What’s been missing in many people’s lives isn’t man, what’s missing in many people’s lives is God (Love). To pray is to hope for love. If your leader becomes corrupt, do not lose faith in God (Love), for it is man who forsake you. Instead, pray that God (Love) finds him again.

If we associate God with Love, and the Devil with Hate, searching for God (Love) is a much more optimistic approach than searching for The Devil (Hate), because hate kills and destroys. We’ve never seen an actual Devil, but we’ve seen representations of it and it’s ugly! We’ve never seen an actual God (Love), but we’ve seen representations of it and it’s beautiful! Once you’ve connected with God (Love), have faith and hope that the Devil (Hate) never makes it’s way back into your life. Believe that the power of God (Love) is strong enough to conquer any and all evil that comes into your life.

When we want good to come of our lives, the lives of others, and the world around us, we “hope” for the best and have “faith” that it will come into fruition. What believing in something does is it changes your spirit, it changes your heart, and it changes your mind for the greater good. It focuses all of your energy on someone/something positive, while removing any negative people/thoughts that might cancel out whatever it is you’re being optimistic about.

Believe in something because of the way it makes “you” feel. What works for you might not work for others, so take your own journey towards finding God (Love). When you let God (love) into your life and you believe in it’s power, share this blessing with the world. We all face our own emotional setbacks and might not be ready to let God (Love) into our lives, so when introducing this blessing to others, open the doors of the others, and let them come in when they’re ready. If what you believe in makes other people feel good, you won’t need a sales pitch or gimmick, people will follow your beliefs to infinity and beyond, but only when they’re ready!

Without a belief system, we are all slaves to the world, limiting our power, forever stuck in the here and the now, satisfied only with what we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell “right now”. With the power of God (Love), you can do the unthinkable, and nothing is impossible. For everything can be made possible through faith. What you believe in will bring you power! Believing in nothing will bring you defeat! The God (Love) live inside of you for all the days of your life!

I remain your Noor

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  1. Glory says:

    God is everything

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