Deep Down Cry, Tanzania my beloved country!!

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Deep Down Cry, Tanzania my beloved country!!

I have since lost all forms of inspiration
I seem to have lost a sense of appellation
To talk about the state of my nation
To the dogs—goes my appreciation
We have left every endeavour to pray
Yet, our leaders see us as common prey
“Pray!” The clerics keeps telling us to pray
Over matters we have little or no say
In my country, hard work does not pay
Corruption thrives in the glare of day
Anchored by the infidel husband of the dame
Without fear, without a drop of shame
A hundred food with only one sauce
A hundred fools with just one source
Bastards made rich by the evil
Cry! O cry, my beloved Country
Cry! O farmlands that lack tillage
For I have lost all strength to engage
To talk, to walk and to calculate
To talk the walk, to fork the pork
Of those who vowed to plunge us deep
Deep down, deep low, deep within
Skydiving us to a bottomless abyss
The pen is mightier than the sword they say
Yet, I am left with no choice—but to pray
What happened to my pen? I can’t say
Appreciation is for the almighty, I say
Noor Abdul
I remain

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