Nando and Selly’s Convo: After Having Sex

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

At 1:45am in the morning, after Nando got his way down Selly’s panties on the 28th day of the most popular show in Africa, Big Brother Africa, both decided to straighten things out once and for all….

Read below to catch up with their conversation

SELLY :- I want to go back to the Ruby house

NANDO:- Why do you wanna go back? Let’s talk about it now, before I make the decision and then it’s all bullshit because I hate bullshit.

SELLY:- Everybody is telling me, you just want to get laid and that’s you reason for bringing me here.

NANDO:- Yes, i told them before that I was horny as fu*k, and I also told you that when you came here yesterday.

Selly:- Now that you have gotten WHAT YOU WANT, I want to go back to the Ruby house.

Nando:- Okay, if that is your final decision, then I’ll send you back come on Friday.

Hmmmmmmm, what can I say… Selly Selly Selly, your first night of being in that house, you allowed Nando to have his way. How does that sound to you? Is it wise? And the young man made it clear to you that all he wanted was sex and you granted him access to your down below without any delay whatsoever.

Bhassss sawa in one of my friend’s voice…. stupid act……


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