Posted: June 18, 2013 in Uncategorized


[I wrote this the day I fell in love]


You are more than hard wood
More than a long neck in the hood
Your hips are not only flamboyant
They protrude with sassy flare
Your skin like fine stones so rare


Your soothing tune so sweet it spills
As I stroke you gently with skills
Completely at ease with you
You feel so tender as I gently pull
Yet you are as strong as the bull


When others have tried in vain
You mend my heart so slain
Your tongues are more than steel
They are six sources of melody:
Melody so sweet, pitched in my ears


Because of my love for you
The tips of my fingers bleed
Your strong steels bite like razor
But razor that cuts straight deep down
And scrapes away all sadness deep down


You are my true, Only you

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