Posted: June 7, 2013 in Uncategorized


To love is to live.
To live is to die.
To love is to die.

Cupid shot me with SHE

And I have been dying.
Slowly, surely the old me
Gives way to her moulding.

My heart has a mind

Of its own; it races
At the sight of her,
Thoughts of her alone:

Thoughts of her hair

Her eyes has more light
Than the Milky Way Stars;

Nose of a reindeer;
Cheery Cheeks of Cher;

Smile that warms my heart;
Beatific face of cherub;

Shoulders gracefully made
Like gazelle’s godly gait;
The twin minarets of her chest,

Gourds promising blessings;

My heart beats at her waist
Frequency, with attraction;
Legs anyone can kill for;

Perfectly packaged prime beauty.

Little wonder you are,
Complete in all wealth,
Complete in Beauty,
Sweetest way to die and live


 (The content of this wonderful vessel is the subject of another poem)



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