10 Assumptions You Shouldn’t make

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

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 1. Don’t assume a beautiful, fulfilling, lasting relationship has to be perfect. Grow through mistakes, love past flaws…………..!!

 2. Don’t assume that just because you want it, means you automatically deserve to have it. You work to get it, you work to keep it…….!!

 3. Don’t assume words can replace effort. You have to show me more than the usual. Anybody can talk it, show me in what you do…………!!

 4. Don’t assume 2nd chances are guaranteed. The good is usually don’t go backwards often. Take advantage of time or miss out………..!!

 5. Don’t assume you know more than you do. If it hasn’t been spoken or shown to you 1st hand, you don’t really know………..!!

 6. Don’t assume love will be easy. It’s more than passionate feelings and sweet words. You have to work at it, consistently…………!!

 7. Don’t assume things are understood. Be clear, direct, & open to talk. Communicating shouldn’t be a problem if you want something real!!

 8. Don’t assume you’re the only 1 that’s been hurt. We’ve all lost, been cheated, & lied to. Protect my heart the same way you guard yours!!

 9. Don’t assume that ignoring d problem will solve or make it go away. If u don’t care to try & fix things, you deserve to lose the person!!

 10. Don’t assume the feelings are mutual. Pay attention to their actions & their words, make sure they consistently match………..!!


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