Posted: January 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

I want more for you than the pain you’ve grown so accustomed to feeling and carrying around. Life isn’t meant for suffering. It isn’t about disappointments, fears and isolating oneself. It means so much more than what one has experienced up until a particular point. There’s so much more to learn, so much more to see, and so much more to do. Be free to make mistakes, don’t live your life discouraged. Things haven’t worked out perfectly for you because perfection isn’t possible, even excellence isn’t appreciated without mistakes.


Your story, your testimony and your life, all has more values than you know. We were not put here to be islands, but blessings. Greatness isn’t something God only gives to a selected few, even though unfortunately it’s only cultivated by some. You are still alive and well enough to read these words for a reason. Whatever happened to you didn’t kill you. It may have hurt, but it wasn’t strong enough to break you. Don’t allow it to stop you from moving forward. You are more than your pain, more than your heartbreaks. You are more than your mistakes. Your mission on Earth shouldn’t be just to survive, it should be to thrive. Don’t let the world intimidate you and get you to believe that you are behind. You are not behind, in fact, you are exactly where you should be. Today, this very moment, is the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true. Get motivated to do something. If you don’t know what your passion or purpose is, start volunteering your time to finding it. Pick up a book or do an internet search, start actively seeking things that will bring you long term fulfillment, not just temporary happiness. There is no dollar value that can be attached to success. If you’re chasing money you’ll be running in circles the rest of your life. Instead, find something that you’re willing to die for, and then live for it. When you leave this Earth, will your life be remembered? Will your being alive have meant something to the world? Will people know what was important to you? Will people be better because they knew you? Remember, service is success!

You have to believe that there is more to life and you have to be courageous enough to pursue whatever that is for you. You deserve joy, love and peace. Start giving your time to the things that really matter. Start putting forth the effort to making your dreams a reality. Start appreciating the moments that give your life true value.
This world will never be perfect, but it should be better because you exist. I believe in the greatness of my heart, do you believe in yours?





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